Best PSU for RX 7900 XTX (750W, 850W, Tested)

You are upgrading your rig with new high-end components RX 7900 XTX  GPU, and to get its high power performance yo want the best PSU for RX 7900 xtx. For these graphics processing units you need to get a must compatible power supply unit. Now, do not worry, we have a shortlist of some of the best Power supply companies, to save you time and go with your high-end GPU in the right way. 

Compared to Nvidia’s latest 4000 series GPUs, AMD  released their graphics late in 2022. For those users that can not afford the Nvidia high-end most great GPUs, so this AMD RX 7900 xtx is one of the best options for multiple uses, gaming, content creation,  its card total power is 355 watts and consumption power will  need the 750 watts to 1000 watts. In our list the top best picks power supply  for 7900 xtx, ASUS ROG Thor 850 watts and MSI MPG A750GF Gaming Power Supply. 

Such as if you are a  budget conscious  user who wants a wallet friendly PSU then buy Thermaltake Smart BM2. If you talk about the certification then the best option is Platinum certification and Gold. That will be good for your GPU, and decrease electricity bills. Gets the power supply unit alway with 100 % Japanese capacitor for surety of its durability and reliability. For Cooling management in the overall list all power supply units come with the 135mm to 140 mm fan with Fluid dynamic bearings that work great and reduce noise. 

Fully modular cabling design of the PSU helps to easily install the needed cables, improve the airflow in heavy loads.Moreover, for the short circuits protection, these all power supplies unit offers the over temperature, over power protection, Short circuit protection, over voltage protection etc.

Here is the list lab tested Best PSU for RX 7900 XTX

  1. Corsair RMx Series RM850x Power Supply
  2. Corsair RMx Series RM850x Power Supply
  3. Thermaltake Smart BM2 750W 80+ Bronz Power Supply
  4. Corsair RMX Series RM1000x Power Supply
  5. MSI MPG A750GF Gaming Power Supply
  6. ASUS ROG Thor Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply

1- Corsair RMx Series RM850x Power Supply

Corsair RMx Series RM850x Power Supply

Like the other components of the rig, the power supply is a key component of any computer especially for gaming  graphics cards that require a power connector.  The Corsair RMx Series 2021 850 watts power supply is the best option for high end AMD RX 7900 XT. Fully modular power supplies come with the heist quality components, offering 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC. Cools the PSU with the potent magnetic levitation fans. 

Thanks to its EPS12V connector for compatibility you can use this power supply for modern 7900 xtx 4000 series  graphics cards and new 700 series motherboards. The 135mm magnetic provides high cooling performance, low bearing noise and superior reliability. Moreover, the clutter-free system offers completely modular cables, with this ability you only connect cables with your system needs and also compatible with the 12-pin GPU power cables for the hottest new GPUs.  

Along with this amazing power supply you can get consistent, reliable power and superb electrical performance due to a robust resonant LLC topology with DC-DC conversion. For reliability also comes the great 105 C rated 100% Japanese capacitor. Due to its reliable capacitor and fans, producing less noise and less heat gets upwards of 90% peak efficiency, which means less time worrying and more time gaming. Its fans create zero RPM fan mode automatically near-silent operation at low to medium loads, and for complete peace of mind offers 10 years warranty.  


  • 10-years warranty
  • Fully modular cabling
  • Sufficient for new GPUs


  • In cable capacitor might bother some users

2- Corsair RMx Series RM850x Power Supply

Corsair RMx Series RM850x Power Supply

If you want a mid range Power supply for making the system more power full, look no further than the NZXT C750 (2022) power supply. Have the capability to work with your graphics and give you brilliant experience. Fully modular cabling designs are also great use only cables that need to keep your system clean and organized.Thanks to its black sleeved cables and matte black finish smoothly fit any PC style.    

Gets more efficient power at 50% load and power conversion efficiency reaches 2% higher than 80 Plus Gold Standard. Due to this efficiency save your energy bills, give you more riggle room to overclock your GPU and CPU. For cooling purposes come with the 135mm PWM silent fan, maintain the temperature of PSU  and ensure the fan silently operates at high loads. Such as,  fans automatically turn off when the system is asleep or not under any load. 

Moreover, the C series Bronze utilizes DC-DC technology, allowing the system to generate less heat and reduce the fan RPM. Supporting latest NVIDIA and AMD new series GPUs because the ATX form factor fits in any case easily. At mid range price the offers the 750 watts that is enough power for high RX 7900 XTX. 

In addition, the outer shell design of the power supply is completely made of steel, which provides excellent damage protection. With the 10 year warranty is great power supply with premium quality offers impressive specification that is enough for the most new high end computers.  


  • 80 Plus Gold certification
  • 10-year warranty
  • PWM silent fan 
  • Fully modular


  • Small distance between connectors and in cable caps
  • Medicore transient response at 3.3V

3- Thermaltake Smart BM2 750W 80+ Bronz Power Supply

Thermaltake Smart BM2 750W 80+ Bronz Power Supply

You are a budget conscious user, look at the affordable power supply that has enough power and impressive features for RX 7900 XTX. At a low price Thermaltake Smart BM2 750 Watts is a good option. Firstly offers  the 80 PLUS Bronze certification and smart BM2 you can save energy through high energy efficiency up to 85%. Impressively optimized to work will all generations of Intel processors get maximum energy savings. 

Offers 750 watts that is sufficient for a single high graphics card, runs everything smoothie and accounts for any future upgrade to the system. Such as, the semi modular flat cable design helps to facilitate installation. With Thermaltake powerful single +12 V rail gets Stable and reliable power supply to other PC components.

Thanks to the DC to DC technology design, you can optimize maximum energy for your system, that is, efficiently change voltage levels for 12V, 5V and 3V to match the load to your power supply. Ultra Quiet 140mm and relief bearing fans maintain the temperature, and reduce heat from the system. With brilliant  current  RPM control guaranteeing cooling performance and silent operation.

Moreover, durability and reliability heaving the high quality japanese capacitor which greatly improves the power supplies durability. Industrial protection ability is very fantastic that protects your device over temperature, over power protection, Short circuit protection, over voltage protection etc. The 5-years warranty means you can in which time you repair the PSU if you have any issue.      


  • Industrial protection
  • Affordable
  • DC to DC design 
  • 140mm quiet fan
  • 5-years warranty
  • High enough overall performance 
  • Ideal distance between peripherals


  • Noisy under high loads

4- Corsair RMX Series RM1000x Power Supply

Corsair RMX Series RM1000x Power Supply

The Corsair RMX Series (2021) RM1000x is a wonderful option with Gold certification, with the 1000 watts is also ready to power up enthusiast gaming systems it will work well with the AMD Radeon RX 7900 xtx in your high-end build. Which is built with high quality features especially for highest quality components. Offers 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC,  That is greatly impressive for  save you electrics bills, help system work quieter and consume less power 

Offers the 1000 watts that is enough for new high-end processors, graphics to get full potentials, mostly the 850 watts power is enough for the gaming and other tasks. If you are using the 2 graphics cards in your system, then the Corsair 1000 watts power supply is a brilliant option that proves efficient power performance with excellent features. 

Utilizing a magnetic levitation bearing fan measuring 135mm are used in this device that provide quiet perforamnce low noise and superior reliability cooling effects. Now with this great power supply play games for a long time because upgrades of 90% peak efficiency reduce less noise and less heat. Automatically the impressive fan at the low and mediums loads fan switches off. but in heavy loads the fan activates, ensuring critical component temps stay in check. 

You can use this power supply for the hottest new GPUs, and processors. Additionally, the completely modular cables help to make you use just those cables. That  your system needs and can remove all the cables they are not needed. Corsair also has a 10-years warranty for use of the power supply under high loads over long periods. 


  • Excellent overall performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Highly efficient at light loads
  • Fully modular 
  • 10-years warranty
  • Full power at 47 degree celsius


  • High OCP triggering points on the minor rails
  • Small distance between peripheral connectors

5- MSI MPG A750GF Gaming Power Supply

MSI MPG A750GF Gaming Power Supply

MSI is a great brand in the market, they always make the products with high quality components. Such as, if we talk about the power supply of this brand, which are alo amazing for next gen PC components. The MSI MPG A750 gaming power supply is brilliant for  the most powerful CPUs and next-generation graphics cards. This power unit promises to lower energy  consumption and higher efficiency due to the  up to 90% (80 PLUS Gold certification). 

Efficiency of power supply directly influences the system performance and power consumption. Such as, MPG gaming power supply proudly offers a 10-years limited  warranty, and 100% guaranteeing long term reliable operation. With modern way fully modular  organized cable positions remarkably reducing cable clutter make system more clear and look clear everything. Thanks to its fully  modular cabling design which is  more organized and has more impressive unobstructed airflow because it only  uses the cables that  you need in the system. 

Plus, The dimensions are 160mm-long and 150mm-wide, which  offers  more space for easily fits in most PC cases. Additionally this PSU comes with 100% japanese 105 C capacitor aiming quality and perforamnce stability. Moreover, it offers a large 140mm fan for ultra-silent operation, even under high workloads and again thanks to its fluid dynamic bearing, that is extremely durable.  ATX form factor power is impressive for high uses and fully protects the UVP/OCP/OVP/OPP/OTP. 


  • Mid range price
  • Overall great performance 
  • Support 100% Japanese capacitor
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Fully modular cabling
  • FDB bearing with 140mm fan
  • Silent at light and moderate loads


  • Increased noise under stressful conditions
  • Not so efficient 5VSB rail

6- ASUS ROG Thor Certified 850W

ASUS ROG Thor Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply

Asus  produces one of the best PC accessories in the tech industry, like other components the Asus ROG Thor world850 watts break build and sleek all-black design.  With the fully modular cabling allowing you clean and steady build, these cables provide superior electrical performance and make cable management easier than ever before. Easy to install on the PCB, now ready to make your computer clean and build a computer system. 

For the cooling purpose and heat elimination comes with the large 140mm fan, that is heat dissipation in a better way. With dustproof IP5X wing blade fans  create no noise working at full loads without noise problems and also having integrated ROG heatsinks for better cooling operation.  Making your PC aesthetic look with Aura sync addressable RGB lighting features that provide an endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize the other PC components. 

Thanks to its OLED power display ability, that helps to monitor draw real-time-power draw with this OLED display. ROG Thor offers the 850 watts with Platinum efficiency, which guarantees 89% efficiency at 100% loads and 92% at 50% loads. This power efficiency is great for increased power performance, and produces less heat and increases reliability.  

In addition, the 100% Japanese capacitor is amazing for line life of system durable and reliable for long time uses. Included high-quality sleeved and standard cables, help to build right away, in these cables get one 24 pin, 2 6+2pin PCI-e , and two more 8-pin CPU cables for easy installation. This Thor has a great power supply with 850 watts and platinum efficiency making it the king of its own kind, and thanks to its very appealing build quality and price positioning the best option for new gen processors and graphics cards. 


  • LiveDash OLED Panel
  • Fully modular
  • Alternative sleep mode
  • platinum efficiency
  • Support 135mm wing-blade fan
  • For cooling ROG heatsink 


  • Small distance between all connectors

Best PSU For RX 7900 XTX Buying Guide

If you are getting the most recent generations of flagship models, and processors, updating power supply is necessary. So you want the best PSU for RX 7900 XTX, in our list the ASUS ROG Thor 850 watts and MSI MPG A750GF Gaming Power Supply our best PSU recommendation. Such as, beneath mention a few important factors that help to purchase more precisely.   


The first and most important thing of your power supply is the output power means watts. For high-end components like CPUs and GPUs you need the 750 watts to 100 watts, so in our products lists also power supply on these limits, with an impressive price you can pick any of according to your choice.  

Cable design

In PSU Cabling design is a lot matter for, because of its reducing clutter and improves airflow. You know basically 3 types of calling design for a PSU, but we suggest the fully modular design of cabling, in which you can use just needed cables for the system, maintain airflow and be easy to install. So go for ASUS ROG Thor 850 watts and MSI MPG A750GF Gaming Power Supply. 

Efficiency Certification 

Power Efficiency is a big matter for future power supply units. Because higher efficiency you do not waste money on electric bills, that is impressive for less power use and generates low heat. Increasing the reliability, reducing noise. For a great 7900 xtx you can choose a 80 PLUs Gold and Platinum certification that will greatly increase your power consumption and also decrease the electricity bills.  

Fan and Capacitor 

For PSU cooling and maintaining the temperature,  you must look at the 135mm to 140mm fan with fluid dynamic bearing, that impressively reduces airflow and cools the power supply temperature. Such as the reliability and durability of the power supply, the 100% Japanese capacitor is brilliant. In our PSU products list almost all have this ability you can choose the CPU of your choice.   

Warranty and Protections

For long term uses of electric products the warranty is a lot matter for the customers, they give the users peace of mind. So you should choose a power supply unit with a 5-years  up to 10 years warranty. Above mentioned products you can choose for this ability because they come with a 10 years warranty. Therefore,  Industrial protection ability is very important. It protects your device over temperature, over power protection, Short circuit protection, over voltage protection etc. 

PSU Requirements For RX 7900 XTX

  • Power: 750W, Recommended 1000W
  • Certification: Min. 80 Plus Gold, Recommended: 80 Plus Platinum
  • Cabling: Semi modular, Recommended Full Modular 
  • Durability: Construed with 100% Japanese 105° C capacitors
  • Connectivity: Via PCIe Gen 5 power cable
  • Fan: 120mm, recommended 140mm with fluid dynamic ball bearing
  • Warranty: 5-years, Recommended 10-years

RX 7900 XTX vs RX 7900 XT

  • Memory Size: 24GB Vs 20GB
  • Memory Type: GDDR6 Vs GDDR6
  • Ray Tracing Accelerators: 96 Vs 84
  • Compute Units: 96 Vs 84
  • AI Accelerators: 192 Vs 168
  • Game Clock Speed: 2.3GHz Vs 2GHz
  • Connection Support: DisplayPort 2.1 Vs DisplayPort 2.1
  • Memory Speed: 20Gbps Vs 20Gbps
  • Memory Bus Size: 384-bit Vs 320-bit
  • Total Board Power: 355 Watts Vs 315 Watts
  • List Price: $1,000 Vs $900


Which characteristic  of the best power supply is Important?

You want the best power supply for high-end GPUs, and CPUs, then you must consider some factors, such as, power, efficiency, warranty, cabling design, and protection for long term uses. 

What is the watts of the RX 7900 xtx and its need for the power supply?

Yes, this needs the best power supply, because the RT 7900 xtx is a great graphics card having 355 watts. 

How big a power supply is needed for a RX 7900 XTX  card?

Minimum the 750 watts is enough for this high-end graphics card, but the850 to 1000 watts is fantastic for high power performance with up to and 8-pin +6-pin PCIe connectors. 

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