Best PSU for RTX 4090 (750W, 850W, 1000W)

Value minded gamers are keenly excited to upgrade their cetrice gaming setup with RTX 4090. How could a computer system complete without a power supply unit? If you are looking for the best PSU for RTX 4090, then you are at the right place. We are going to review top picks that you can consider for the power requirements of your future GPU. 

Also there is a buying guide at the end of the article for you to help you make the best decision. Stay tuned with us! Nvidia is the most popular brand on the earth when it comes to the production of graphics cards. After 2 years they are going to give a new line up of GPUs to their customers. One of them is RTX 4090, a 24 GB GDDR 6X card which is the latest version of RTX 3090, which already has enough fame. 

Furthermore, this graphics card will be released on 12 October 2022, people are pre booking it and planning upgrades of their setups. Nvidia has given the information about its power requirement on its official website. You can take a PSU of 850 Watts, we recommend you to take a 1000 watts power supply to make it future proof. For the 850 watts category, you can purchase MSI MPG A850GF gaming power supply. 

Moreover, the consideration of form factor is very necessary and needs your attention. While choosing a power supply you must check its compatibility with your chassis. If you are a fan of colors and love to buy colorful components then you can purchase ASUS ROG Thor. Because it is designed with RGB lights and also there is an Oled to give status to the power supply.

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Here is the list lab tested Best PSU for RTX 4090

  1. MSI MPG A850GF Gaming Power Supply
  2. Corsair RMX Series, RM750x Power Supply
  3. Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU
  4. Pystar 1000W Power Supply
  5. EVGA 850 GQ Power Supply
  6. ASUS Rog Thor 1200 Certified Power Supply

1- MSI MPG A850GF Gaming Power Supply

MSI MPG A850GF Gaming Power Supply

For the delivery of reliability and efficiency MPG A850GF PSU is born. Designed to provide the proper amount of power to your system. Thanks to its 80 PLUS Gold certification for the lower power consumption with high efficiency. By using this PSU you can easily build up your setup due to its fully modular cabling. 

Through the connectors you install your power supply unit in case in no time. Modular design allows you to attach only the required wires this will reduce cluttering. Its compact sizing ensures that it can easily fit most PC cases, the dimensions 160 mm long and 150 mm wide. The form factor of the power supply unit is ATX, before buying it check its compatibility with your chassis. 

Manufactured with flat black cables that are used to provide power supply to all the components of your computer. As the wires are flats that makes the management easier plus offer more room for better airflow. Without the durability your power supply is not a good option. MPG gaming power supply is designed with 100 percent Japanese capacitors that can bear up to 105 degree celsius temperature. 

This kind of capacitor ensures product quality, performance and stability. Connectors of MPG power supply such as; MB, VGA and processor use copper terminals. Due to that this PSU has the better ability to withstand high current as compared to traditional phosphor bronze cable terminals. This is a perfect choice for those systems which need up to 850 watts power and do games with peace of mind. 


  • Fully modular
  • Flat cables
  • Good quality build 
  • Loads of connectors 


  • Low PF readings 
  • Inaccurate power 
  • Noisy 

2-  Corsair RMX Series, RM750x Power Supply

Corsair RMX Series, RM750x Power Supply

Corsair is a well known brand for the component hardware components that the proof of their popularity is RMX 750x. This power supply unit is the name of highest quality built, you can trust it for your precision computer system. Having the 80 PLUS Gold certification you can not doubt its efficient power for your PC. You can be dependent on it for a long life plus reliability. 

Features Zero RPM Mode which means this PSU will be virtually silent while working at low to medium workloads. Also there is a low noise fan that ensures quiet operation even at maximum power. Cabling style is fully modular that reduces cluttering of wires and. In addition to this it enables you for easy PC upgrades. Because this kind of cabling enables you to attach selective wires according to your needs. 

Delivers 750 watts power that is sufficient for a system which requires 650 to 750 power supply to work properly. This power supply unit is the best blend of Quiet, efficient and dependable performance. An ideal choice for your high performance gaming rig for years. Ready to perform operations at low noise and has a long life of 100,000 hours. 

To ensure its reliability, efficiency and unwavering power it is designed with 100% industrial grade Japanese capacitors. The continuous output rated temperature is 50 degree celsius, which is another attractive feature. Provides all its power through its single +12V rail that is impressive. Using air cooling method for the management of temperature so it remains cool under heavy loads and increases its lifespan. 


  • Excellent build quality 
  • Fully modular
  • Outstanding voltage regulation
  • 80 plus gold certified
  • Silent and efficient 


  • A bit expensive
  • No fan test button 

3- Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU

Thermaltake Smart 700W 80+ White Certified PSU

If your computer system requires 550 to 700 watts power then you can consider Thermaltake Smart PS-SPD-0700NPCWUS-W. The members of the smart series are built with various high-quality components. Having capability to save energy due to its high efficiency performance. With the 80 plus white certification it gives up to 86 percent efficiency. 

Offers sufficient power supply that is accommodated by any mainstream build that even has most demanding needs. While delivering a high power supply it generates heat and in result gets hot. It is necessary to manage this heat otherwise it can reduce lifespan. To deal with the temperature there is an embedded intelligent 120 mm cooling fan. 

Delivers great airflow so it stays cool and silent at an exceptionally low or high noise level. Additionally, providing power through the Single +12V rail enables non-stop usage for you. This power supply unit is born for the stable plus reliable performance. The form factor is ATX 12V and EPS 12V which means you can use it even with a small chassis. 

This smart series is designed for optimized work with maximum energy saving. Comes with high quality capacitors that make it durable and there will be no leakage and explosion. Due to the multiple connectors the installation of required cables is an easier task like never before. Give between 20 to 100 percent efficiency and the MTBF is 100,000 hours. 


  • Handles overclocking 
  • Does not get heat up
  • High quality 
  • Easy to install 
  • Best for Intel’s processors 


  • Non modular
  • No RGB 

4- Pystar 1000W Power Supply

Pystar 1000W Power Supply

When someone wants a reliable power supply unit for long term usage, look no further than the Pystar 1000W PSU. Along with high quality the most attractive factor is its warranty of 10 years and makes it the best 1000W PSU. Gives you 1000 watts power that will be enough even for mainstream. You are good to go because its quality and warranty give you peace of mind. 

With the 80 plus gold certification it gives you 90 percent of efficiency even under heavy loads. Having this reliable and efficient power supply unit you have proper power while typical workloads. Full modular cabling allows you to attach selective wires as per your system’s requirement. This will improve airflow and make management of cables more waiser. 

Supports DC to DC structure that is an attractive factor because it gives output of power more and is stable. The form factor is ATX, which means it is a bit big in size, check the compatibility with your case. If you are a user of a small chassis then it may not work for you. Via Floppy and SATA connectors you can install it easily plus you have better output power. 

Apart from warranty, to ensure its performance and quality it comes with full protection. It is protected from OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP and OCP so you do not need to worry about safety and reliability. While generating power it can heat up to deal with it is designed with a 140 mm fan. This cooling fan will maintain temperature and give better heat dissipation. 


  • Great performance 
  • High quality casing 
  • Excellent fan 
  • Stays silent 
  • Cables are soft and flexible 


  • Does not give complete 100 watts power
  • Only supports 8 pin motherboard

5- EVGA 850 GQ Power Supply

EVGA 850 GQ Power Supply

Here is 210-GQ-0850-V1 that is a member of the latest line up of PSUs by EVGA. This power supply unit contains the award winning EVGA specs. Due to its top tier manufacturing it is ready for great delivery of power and value. GQ is a better option for those systems that need up to 850 watts power.

Moreover, it is 80 Plus gold certified that gives 90 percent efficiency at 115VAC and works 92 percent efficiently at 220VAC~240VAC. Typically performs incredibly at no matter what the load is, low or high. While tackling heavy workloads it can heat up, and here is a proper management of temperatures that saves it. To eliminate heat it uses an air method, there is a 135 mm fan for better airflow. 

EVGA GQ comes in ATX form factor, before considering it you must check out its compatibility with your case. The cabling style is semi modular that allows you to eliminate unnecessary wires and reduce cluttering. It is NVIDIA SLI Ready and designed with Japanese capacitor and fluid dynamic bearing that make it durable. Comes with heavy duty protections such as OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, SCP, and OTP. 


  • Compact sized
  • FDB fan 
  • Semi passive mode 
  • Quality caps 
  • Protected from harsh conditions 


  • Noisy 
  • Ripple 
  • Small distance between cables 

6- ASUS Rog Thor 1200 Certified Power Supply

ASUS Rog Thor 1200 Certified Power Supply

Meet ASUS ROG Thor, nothing can be better than this especially when you are looking for a PSU to build a workstation. This is an ideal option to pair up with a high end CPU and graphics card. However if your system is not so power demanding then this is an overkill. Features impressive specs that are the requirement of the most gaming enthusiasts. 

Rated 80 Plus platinum certifications that shows how efficient it would be. To ensure its durability and power stability it is engineered with 100 percent Japanese capacitors. This output power is 1200 watts that is chosen for the heavy computer system for workstations. Highly not recommended for the ordinary setups until it has top tier graphics card like RTX 4090. 

The dimensions are 7.48 x 5.91 x 1.33 inches and weight is only 0.5 grams. In addition to this its form factor is ATX which means it is big in case and will not go for a small chassis. Style of cables is fully modular which means you can attach the only required wires. This will also increase the airflow and decrease the cable clutter. 

On the other hand, to deal with the heat dissipation it is designed with ROG heatsinks and a 135 mm winged-blade fan. Enables the power draw while remaining cool and silent, you have 0dB noise while low to medium tasks. The RGB heat sink improves cooling operations while giving it beautiful colors. There is an Oled power display that you can use to monitor the status of power. 


  • Good ripple suppression
  • Dual-ball bearing fan
  • A lot modular cables and connectors
  • RGB lighting
  • 10-year warranty


  • Expensive 
  • Bulky 
  • OPP is set to sky limit

Best PSU for RTX 4090 Buying Guide 

The selection of a power supply unit is not a plain drive especially when it comes to but the best PSU for RTX 4090. You have to be very careful and particular for your purchase. Above mentioned products can be used for RTX 4090 no matter you are pairing it up with a high end set up or mid tier. On our list the best overall power supply unit is Pystar ES 1000.

Meanwhile, if you have a tight budget, do not worry we have recommendations for you. Go for Thermaltake Smart 700W, but take it in case you are not choosing top notch components. To make your decision better you must have to keep some pointers in your mind. Below are those factors, let’s take a look!


First of all, you must consider the power that is required by your entire setup in total. A right amount of watt is required for the better performance otherwise you can not get all out of it. For the RTX minimum 850 Watts are required, however we recommend you to go for a 1000 watts PSU. Thanks to Pystar it is a 1000 watts PSU that is enough for RTX 4090 and even for any future upgrades.


Any power supply unit comes with a certification that shows its efficiency. There are different kinds of this certification, for RTX 4090 Gold or Platinum will be enough. ES 1000 comes with 80 Plus Gold certification that is good to go for your chosen graphics card. This power supply unit will give you 90 percent efficiency even for heavy tasks. 


Cabling style is another important factor that you must consider while buying your future power supply unit. There are 3 kinds of cabling, fully modular, semi modular and non modular. From all of these fully modular and semi modular are best because they allow connection of selective cables. 

ES 1000 is a full modular PSU which means you can connect cables as per need and get better airflow and reduce cluttering. Plus with the help of Floppy and SATA connectors you can easily install it into your chassis. And DC to DC structure is there too for stable power. 


Your power supply unit has to work contouse and hard that is why it can get overheated. Due to this case you can not forget to check out the cooling system of your PSU. EVGA 850 GQ uses an air method to eliminate heat and comes with a 120 mm ultra fan. This fan dissipates heat in a better way and manages the temperature. 


Warranty of any electronics design is crucial because it shows the durability and reliability of certain products. When it comes to a power supply unit of your gaming rig you can not neglect it. We recommend you to check out the warranty of your PSU. ES 1000 provides a warranty of 10 years that is more than enough for your peace of mind and to trust its quality. 

PSU Requirements for RTX 4090

  • Power: Min. 850W, Recommended 1000W
  • Certification: Min. 80 Plus Gold, Recommended: 80 Plus Platinum
  • Cabling: Full Modular or Semi modular
  • Durability:  100% Japanese 105° C capacitors
  • Connectivity: Via PCIe Gen 5 power cable
  • Clearance: Min. free space in your case 12 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches and some additional place for power cables
  • Cable Support: 3x or 4x PCIe 8-pin cables

RTX 4090 VS AMD RX 6950 XT

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 and AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT are 2 flagship graphics cards from their brands. Another special fact about them is that they are released in 2022. We say that in the war of 2 top video cards, Nvidia was winning battles for years. But with the addition of RDNA 2 AMD is giving  tough competition to Nvidia. let’s check out the difference between them!

  • Rx 6950 xt was launched in May 2022 and RTX 4090 is on the way, expected release date is 12 October 2022
  • RTX 4090 is the successor of RTX 3090 and Rx 6950 xt is the latest version of 6900 xt
  • AMD used RDNA 2 architecture for 6950 xt however RTX 4090 is based on Ada Lovelace
  • RTX 4090 is 24 GB video card and its competitor 6950 xt has 16 GB VRAM
  • The memory type of both GPUs is different too, RTX 4090 contains latest GDDR6X and 6950 xt is designed with GDDR6 memory 
  • RTX 4090 has 16,384 cores and 6950 xt comes with 5120 cores
  • The base clock of RTX 4090 is 2235 MHz which can be boosted up to 2535 MHz. Meanwhile RX 6950 xt gives 1925 MHz clock speed and maximum clock is 2324 MHz
  • Both graphics card have different TDP, RTX 4090 has 450 watts whereas 6950 xt consumes 335 watts
  • There is a price gap too, 6950 xt was 1100 dollars at the time of release and RTX 3090 will be available at 1600 dollars
  • From these 2 graphics card, RTX 4090 is a clear winner and 2 to 3 times faster than RX 6950 xt


Below are some most asked questions about the best PSU for RTX, take a look!

What To Consider To Buy A Right PSU?

You must look at some specs such as; power, form factor, efficiency, protection, warranty, amperage and cabling style.

What Power Supply Unit Does Your Computer need?

You can calculate the total power requirement of your computer system, by adding the required volts of each and every hardware component.

How Long Will The Graphics Card Last?

More likely it depends upon the quality of the build, however, normally a graphics card has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. 

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