Best PSU For RTX 4070 Ti (RGB, 650W, 750W, 850W)

After selecting the other component of the PC, selecting the PSU is one of the key factors for any computer system. Its importance is water or food. Because this unit provides the power overall to your rig all components. Therefore, you want the best PSU for RTX 4070 Ti. For this you are right, we describe the PSU list  with impressive features that are suitable for this high graphics card.  

The RTX 4070 Ti is a new Nvidia 4000 series mid range graphics card but that is better compared to its previous graphics cards. This great card first of all based on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture, offers 7,680 base cores, and boost clock speed of 2.3 and is 50% faster than the 3070-Ti and offers similar perforamnce to the 3090 Ti. For the GPU to perform its best, the ASUS ROG Thor offers 850 watts, and if you want wallet friendly then the  MSI MPG A650F power supply unit is the best option. 

Furthermore, durability longevity chooses a power supply unit that is designed with the 100% japanese capacitor. For cooling purposes the 120mm fan with FDB fan is good to maintain the temperature of the psu internal part and push it to work continuously without any issue.  Such as, a Gold and platinum certification, that will ensure reliability and decrease electricity bills. The  LIAN LI SP 750W offers 80+ Gold certification.   

Here is the list lab tested Best PSU For RTX 4070 Ti

  1. Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semi Fanless Modular Power Supply
  2. MSI MPG A650GF Gaming Power Supply
  3. GAMDIAS RGB Gaming PC Power Supply
  4. LIAN LI SP 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply
  5. ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Power Supply
  6. Seasonic Focus GX-1000 Power Supply

1- Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semi Fanless Modular Power Supply

Cooler Master Watt 650 Watt Semi Fanless Modular Power Supply

The RTX 4070 Ti is a high level video graphics card to make it more powerful if you want the power supply unit. So The cooler Master 650 watts power supply is an ideal option at an affordable price and also amazing for better reliability and longer lifespan of your system. First of all thanks to its ATX form factor and dustproof and silent fan also equipped with a developed silencio  FP fan. The LDB bearing and sealed construction made it more efficient. Its IP6X has a  higher dustproof level and  helps to have a longer lifespan of up to 160, 000 hours. 

You can use the system continuously without any noise problem especially when you are doing work regular semi fanless ability operates at 0dB under 15% loads. Offers output up to 650 watts power and includes all those cables that you need for up to dual graphics card build. In addition, multiple protection technology keeps things operating smoothly. If we talk about this affordable power supply efficiency, come with 80 Plus Bronze certification and deliver an average efficiency  of 85% at full load. 

For less resistance and better efficiency Master PSU uses 16 AWG PCI-e cables, which provide ;ess resistance increasing efficiency and safety.  Such an impressive dual forward and DC-to-DC circuit design offers reliable and stable power, which is significant in +3.3 V and +5 V outputs. Moreover, Semi-modular cabling ability, offers you use  some hardware cables that you need and improved temperature management, because you can choose which cables you add or remove. Heaving industrial grade safety protection ability, included OCP, SCP, UVP, OPP, OPT, and OVP. 


  • 650W single +12V Rail 
  • 120mm cooling fan 
  • 4 X PCIe connector 
  • Semi-fanless operation
  • Affordable
  • 5-Years warranty 


2- MSI MPG A650GF Gaming Power Supply

MSI MPG A650GF Gaming Power Supply

The MSI is a famous brand, because of its high quality gaming hardware components, alway launch their product that is suitable for new high and next generation components. Such as the MSI MPG A650GF power supply ready to power up your great RTX 4070 Ti graphics card. This MPG power supply IO supports and easily supports different and flexible methods of connection suited to the power connector design of different graphics designs. 

Furthermore talk about the efficiency of PSU units, thay are directly influence your system performance and power consumption. The MPG offers 80 plus Gold Certification up to 90% efficiency and compact lower energy expanding and higher efficiency. Efficient option for the customer builders that want to utilize the performance of high graphics cards and motherboard. Fully modular cabling design also integrates, because of this feature  you use only cables that you need, and removing unnecessary wires and significantly reductusing  cable clutter. 

Offers aesthetic look due to black flat cables, making cable management easier and providing more space for unobstructed airflow.  Due to its 80 PLUS Gold Certification, at least 87, 90 and 87% power efficiency directly impacts your system performance and also uses lower energy and provides higher efficiency. Thanks to its compact ATX form factor, its dimension is 160mm-long and 150-mm-wide easily fit in most PC cases and potentially offers more space management and airflow to the rest of the system. 


  • 100% japanese capacitor 
  • Fully modular
  • 10 years warranty
  • IO Support
  • Fluid dynamic bearing with 140mm fan
  • Fully protection 


  • Short distance between peripherals

3- GAMDIAS RGB Gaming PC Power Supply

GAMDIAS RGB Gaming PC Power Supply

From the Gamdias RGB Gaming PC power Supply unit is one of the well and worth considering  Kratos MI. That is the best option for you if you are designing a computer with mid range components. Thisoffers power output is 750 watts which is sufficient  for the mid range 300 series GPUs  to 4000 series GPUs high end hardware components. Without any quality problems it comes with impressive features and also has capability to get a high level of perforamnce especially with the RTX 4070 Ti. 

Thanks to its 80 PLUS Bronze Certification, and provides up to 85% efficiency which is enough for heavy operations and not use high energy.  Due to this high certification the unit is able to supply steady voltage efficiently and perfectly silently. Best thing about this power supply unit is that it is capable of performing well with all the latest generation GPUs and CPUs. For cooling purposes Kratos is geared with an ultra quiet fan which is great for heat dissipation and with just a simple switch for the silent mode. With the optimized automatic fan speed you will enjoy the max heat dissipation on silent mode. 

Provide your system aesthetic look with thi mid range power supply unit, because that is come with the  30 type of RGB lighting modes and will be easily accessed with the button switch. Such as, the 750 watt power supply supports motherboard sync with the mobo software and address header, in motherboards included ASUS, ASROCK Polychrome, AURA, GIGABYTE Fusion. For easy installation support the flexible black cables optimally powering your build and  Fully protection to OCP, SCP, UVP, OPP, OPT, and OVP.   


  • For aesthetic look support 30 type RGB color
  • Affordable
  • Silent 
  • High build quality
  • Efficient platform


  • Short distance between peripherals

4- LIAN LI SP 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply

LIAN LI SP 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply

When you build your PC with the great Graphics card, RTX 4070 Ti for more power look at the Lian Li SP 750 and you choose this PSU. Delivers the power output 750 watts at a very low price and its SFX form factor and dimension are compact and easily fit in a small system. Lian Li offers 80 Plus Gold Certification up to 92% which is great for your hardware computer components and ensures optimal power while balancing electrical work loads.

Along with a 92mm hydraulic bearing fan kept cool internal part and this fan operates at zero RPM mode you should be preventing loud and distracting fan buzzing when you play a game or enjoy your favorite media due to its maximum noise level of 31.8 dBA. Furthermore, Support the premium Japanese electronic capacitor, which is impressive for providing long-term performance and maintaining electrical stability in your system. Plus, the fully modular cabling design is great for eliminating unnecessary and unused connectors, which is good for air flow. 

Thanks to its modern and elegant unique  design and heaving the wider angle of connection such as, four SATA, 4+4 CPU, Three 6+2 PCIe and 4 peripherals lugs for your components and delivers current on a single +12 744W rail. For long term use and durability come with the 5-year warranty that reflects confidence in the quality of performance. 


  • SFX form factor
  • 92mm cooling fan
  • Fully modular cabling design
  • 80 Plus Gold efficiency 
  • 31.8 dBA Max. noise level


5- ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Power Supply

ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Power Supply

If you want efficient power for your overall PC and impressive Graphics card at an attractive price, the ASUS ROG is a good choice. Which provide efficient power with its impressive features, like cooling, certification, warranty, cabling design. The Great thing for RGB users is equipped with Asus AuraSync RGb lighting, so let you synchronize colors with your gaming other components. Aura RGB LEDs already built in the power supply for creating your system’s custom look. 

It’s an excellent option for your high rig, because it offers the 80 Plus Platinum certification. You will increase efficiency 89% efficiency at 100% load and 92% at 50% loads, which produces less heat, reducing fan noise and increasing reliability. Such as, along with you can get the 100% japanese capacitor for stability and durability and making this system strong and sturdy. Offers power output 850 watts should be enough for computer system like mid to high-end components.  

So, it can work at a well managed temperature due to the 135mm patented wing-blade fan for maximizing components lifespan. Thanks to its 0db technology which is allow the fan the fan switch off properly at lower voltage and able to totally silent operation. Integrated ROG heatsinks 2x are also great for maintaining the temperature, then traditional design and also extending the lifespan of components. Fully modular sleeved cables of installation is simple and clean and you can use just your required cables.  


  • Fully modular sleeved cables
  • 80 Plus Platinum certified
  • Aura SYnc RGB 
  • 2x OG heatsinks


  • Bit expensive for budget conscious users
  • Small distance between peripherals

6- Seasonic Focus GX-1000 Power Supply

Seasonic Focus GX-1000 Power Supply

Do you want the high energy for your new great GPU RTX 4070 Ti, then for this the Seasonic is an efficient and durable power supply especially designed to deliver consistent power. The seasonic is a brand new product, which comes with modern high quality materials and features. Thanks to its 80 Plus Gold certification,which is sufficient for  outstanding electrical performance and saving the electric bills. You can use it for overclocking its efficient energy and making your rig powerful with its PSU. 

Cooled this power supply by 120mm cooling fan with seasonic Hybrid silent fan allow you to control speed of fan with the press of the button located on the back of the its. This impressive unit with new generation components has 6 PCIe connectors for connecting multiple GPUs setup, 10 SATA connectors, and 5 Molex 4-pin peripherals.  For a powerful and efficient power supply that will be virtually silent so this looks no further than the brand new Seasonic GX-1000 Watts.

Furthermore, this PSU is environmentally friendly with high quality features, modular cable management, which is easy to keep cable organized and also good for airflow. Additionally, the ATX form factor is perfect for new motherboards. Thanks to its fluid dynamic bearing fan which is a reliable and ideal option for power full gaming and other applications.  Such as, offers a 10-years warranty for commitment to superior quality.     


  • Fully modular cables
  • 10-years warranty
  • ATX Form factor
  • 80 Plus Gold Certification


  • Bit expensive

Best PSU For RTX 4070 Ti Buying Guide

Now innovation of new high components need the efficient power to get the full potential of the system. Therefore, you get to select the RTX 407- Ti new GPU of Nvidia and want the capable Power supply unit for this. So, for your help we describe the few important factors that help to choose the best PSU. But the above -mentioned products are good for this new RTX 4070 Ti video card, but we recommended the ASUS ROG Thor, and MSI MPG A650F power supply unit. 


Most important thing about power supply is that you choose a high end RTX 4070 Ti graphics card. You need a capable power supply. For the RTX 4070 Ti video card you pick 650 Watts to 850 watts, but you want more power so for this you go with the Seasonic Focus 1000 watts power supply. Such as, in our list included the power supply in these limits you pick any of them according to your choice and pocket. 


The power supply unit comes with these three types of cabling design, including non modular, semi modular, and fully modular. But for air flow and cables clutter free the system must power supply with the semi modular and fully modular cabling design. In our list some have fully modular cables design and some come with semi modular. You can go with the MSI MPG A650F fully modular power supply for reducing clutter and airflow


Like the watts the efficiency of the power supply unit is necessary and is impressive for your future power supply unit and other components. Higher efficiency rating of PSU useless power and generating low heat will save your power consumption and reduce electricity bill. So for this the 80 Plus Gold or platinum efficiency is amazing. The ASUS ROG Thor offers the 80 Plus Platinum certification.  


If we talk about the durability and long lasting of the power supply for this you must look at the PSU with the 100% Japanese capacitor in its build. Due to this ability the power supply should be run for more years without a scratch. The ASUS ROG Thor also comes with this ability. 


When you push the card to its full limits for gaming then for the power supply internal part the cooling is important.  So for this the 120mm to 140mm fan FDB with curved fan blades and 0db cooling is necessary.  The ASUS ROG Thor also comes with the 140mm fan with fluid dynamic bearing and 0db technology. 

PSU Requirements for RTX 4070 Ti

  • Power: Min. 650W, Recommended 850 to 1000W
  • Certification: 80 Plus Gold Recommended
  • Cabling: Semi modular, Recommended Full Modular air flow and clutter of extra wire
  • Durability: Construed with 100% Japanese 105° C capacitors for long time durability
  • Connectivity: Via PCIe Gen 5 power cable for using new PC components
  • Warranty: Min. 5-years Max. 10-years

RTX 4070 Ti VS Radeon 6900 RX

  • Architecture: Ada Lovelace VS RDNA 2.0
  • Base clock speed 2310 MHz  VS 1825 MHz
  • Boost clock speed 2610 MHz VS 2250 MHz
  • Memory Type  GDDR6X VS GDDR6
  • Memory Size 12 GB VS 16 GB 
  • TDP            285W  VS 300W


What function of the PSU?

The function of the Power supply is to power up the PC components, its main function is to convert the alternative high voltage current into DC. 

For RTX 4070 Ti ASUS ROG Thor is a good option?

Yes, the ASUS ROG Thor 850 watts power supply is a great option because it comes with features that have a good power supply. 

Does the power supply have types of form factors?

Yes, power supplies have 3 standard size form factors, ATX, TFX, SFX.

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