Best PSU For i5-13600K (750W, 850W, Gaming)

While creating your cetric gaming setup with the latest Intel processor, look for the Best PSU For i5-13600K first. If you are upgrading your PC from a previous generation then your PSU must be compatible with it. In this article, we have gathered the top picks for you that will suit this processor.

From 20, October 2022, 13600K is live and gaming enthusiasts are keenly interested to upgrade their system. This 13th generation processor will do its job perfectly for gaming and productivity as well.  Having the best blend of specs it leads the performance segment of the 13th Gen lineup. To build your computer system with this processor you need to get a competent power supply too. 

Starting from the power output, calculate the needs of all your components of the computer. For a low to mid range computer system you can buy a PSU cooler 850 watts, or for some cases a 1000 watts will be fine as well. For the reliability and efficiency you have to consider the certification of your PSU. We titled the Corsair SF750 overall best product, it is 80 Plus platinum certified that is fine for 13600K and also it will be future proof.

Moreover, buy a fully modular power supply for the decluttering of wire and enhance airflow in the chassis. To prevent your power supply from any damage you should look for the OVP, OCP, UVP,  SCP, OPP and OTP heavy duty protections. Sleeve cables are an additional feature you can consider because it looks great and resists heat damage. You can buy Thermaltake Toughpower Grand for the RGB support to make your system colorful.

Here is the list of Best PSU For i5-13600K

  1. Corsair SF Series, SF750, 750 Watt Power Supply
  2. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Power Supply
  3. ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum Power Supply
  4. Aresgam 1000W Power Supply
  5. EVGA 700 BR, 80+ Bronze 700W Power Supply
  6. NZXT C750 – NP-C750M – 750 Watt PSU

1- Corsair SF Series, SF750, 750 Watt Power Supply

Corsair SF Series, SF750, 750 Watt Power Supply

Introducing an extraordinarily power-dense power supply unit, Corsair SF750. Born to power up the most cutting edge desktops especially those that are creed with a small form factor chassis. Ready to deliver a continuous and stable power output of 750 watts that is mostly needed by the low to mid tier systems. To ensure ultra efficient performance it is 80 Plus Platinum certified.

Having amazing specs it makes less heat and also keeps your electricity bills at a lower side. Equipped with a large 92 mm fan that means it uses air cooling method to its temperature management. Industry-leading performance and  minimal noise makes it a first choice by the value minded gamers. Thanks to its zero RPM fan mode that activated at higher workloads to keep fan noise as low as possible.     

This is a perfect purchase if you are looking for a compact sized power supply with 750 watts output. Its cables are flexible Paracord sleeves that make their routing and management easier. Designed in a fully modular style with individually-sleeved cables to maximize free space. Also due to this cabling  airflow improves inside your desktop that is excellent for keeping its temperature low.  

Designed with 105 Degree rated 100% Japanese capacitors and other premium quality electrical components. Due to high quality manufacturing this PSU ensures superior performance for years for your system. Having this power supply unit you are getting stable and dependable operation for your gaming system. You can prefer the SF750 for unprecedented output of watts and power in your next low profile PC. 


RM and SF are 2 series by Corsair, let’s have a look at the main differences between these PSUs. RM750 and SF750 offer the same output power, RM750 is 13% cheaper and 4 more Molex connectors than SF750. Whereas; SF750 comes with better 80 plus efficiency and 1 more EPS connectors as compared to the RM750. 


  • Powerful
  • Fully modular 
  • Tight load regulation
  • Efficient 
  • Performs quite operation 
  • Great ripple suppression


  • Stiff price 
  • Cords are short

2- Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Power Supply

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Power Supply

Thermaltake is the pioneer for making power supply units with RGB, you have Toughpower Grand on your table. For 850 watts power output and RGB effects you can trust this product. Equipped with a LED fan that supports 256 colors that make your chassis beautiful and attractive. This is a 140 mm Hydraulic Bearing fan that keeps it cool and silent.

Due to low noise design and specs it can handle low to high workload of your computer system. Blades of the fan are optimized to offer static pressure and in result it delivers impressive cooling. You will find one button on the back of this power supply for the control of RGB. There are 5 different modes for the lighting such as; RGB cycle, Blue, Red, Garden, White and LED off. 

This power supply unit is KABY LAKE READY which means you can easily use it for your chosen i5-13600K. Comes with 80 Plus Gold certification to deliver up to 90% efficiency that is one of its most incredible specs. You can get this PSU from 7th Generation Intel’s processors up to 13th Generation to attain maximum power saving. To make it ultra quiet, there is a smart Zero fan mode that enables fan working in case of 20% load. 

Via using a switch that is available at the back of the PSU you can conveniently turn off the fan spin constantly. Equipped with 100% Japanese capacitors for its highest reliability, durability and stability. For the prevention from damage it has industrial protections such as; OCP, UVP, OVP, OTP and OPP. Its cabling style is fully modular, which means you can only use required cables to reduce wire cluttering in the chassis. 


Thermaltake toughpower grand and smart pro gives the same 850 watts power. In the comparison toughpower grand is better due to 80 plus efficiency, more PCIe, EPS and SATA connectors. Whereas Smart Pro is a good option over Grand because of 57% less price and 2 more Molex connectors. 


  • RGB 
  • High performance 
  • Efficient 
  • Fully modular 
  • Goold build quality 


  • Do not support over temperature protections
  • Fan profile not so better
  • 3.3V transient response

3- ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum Power Supply

ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum Power Supply

Do not worry about the power needs of your computer system, get ASUS ROG Thor 1000 thetis designed for mid to higher PCs. This is a great choice if the power required is up to 1000 watts of your desktop. Designed with 80 Plus platinum certification so you can get stable current for all components of your setup. Having such specs that are sufficient to keep you busy with durable work experience. 

Thanks to the ROG heatsinks to cover the critical parts of the PSU to keep them safe from any damage. Another important aspect of this heatsink is that due to it your PSU does not overheat and reduces noise. To track real time working information it integrated with an OLED display, easily live monitor power draw. If you have a powerful ROG motherboard and graphics processing unit, then it is an ideal PSU to pair up with them. 

Plus, it comes with Lambda A++ certification that is enough to confirm that it is a house of power in absolute stealth. Manufactured with an axial tech fan of 135 mm that is used to keep the thermal of the power supply in check. This fan comes with PWM control for keeping the noise level at the lower side. There is a 0 dB mode which means your fan will work without making noise. 

In addition to this, it is a full modular power supply unit that means attachment of wires depends upon your PC requirement. Comes with sleeved cables that not only improve the aesthetics look of your PSU but also protect the wires from pulled out of sockets. With the support of Aura Sync utility you can control all the components of your PC even if they are  from different manufacturers. There are 100% Japanese capacitors and all the premium components so you can attain  Platinum Certification efficiency. 


ASUS ROG Thor available in 2 variants, 1000 watts and 1200 watts, you can choose the 1000 watts version because it is newer, 46% cheaper and has 1 more Molex connector than Thor 1200W. Whereas; you can prefer ROG Thor 1200W for more output, better 80 plus efficiency, 4 SATA and 2 PCIe connectors over Thor 1000W. 


  • 80 plus Platinum certification
  • OLED screen
  • Sleeved cables
  • Fully modular 
  • Quiet fan mode
  • RGB aesthetic


  • Higher price 

4- Aresgame 1000W Power Supply 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU

1000W Power Supply 80 Plus Gold Certified Fully Modular PSU

Enjoy the best combo of features and stable output by getting 1000W Power Supply by Aresgame. Presented with a fully modular cabling style so you can reduce cluttering by just attaching your system required cables. ATX form factor is standard, check compatibility with your chassis for proper fitting. At top of all, the manufacturer gives you a warranty of 10 years as the surety of its high quality. 

The 80 plus Gold certification locks the reliable performance with efficiency for your PSU. Its Gold certification shows that you can get up to 90% or more efficiency from your power supply. Stable voltage is an essential aspect for your system that is why it is manufactured with a high quality structure. You get APFC+LLC+DC-DC structure that ensures continuous and stable power delivery. 

Output of this power supply is up to 1000 watts, which is a sufficient amount to fulfill the requirements of mid to high range PCs. Along with this power supply not only you have power but also declutter the unnecessary wires for aesthetic look. Due to the high quality manufacturing you have capability to perform well even under heavy loads. For the long lifespan for your power supply thermal dissipation performance is an essential thingy. 

There is a fan of 120 mm that emits excess heat and prevents your power supply from overheating. In this case reduction of wires in the chassis improves the airflow that also keeps it cool. Having heavy duty protection like OTP , UVP, OCP, OPP, SCP  and OVP your PSU is protected from the damage. Cherry on the top is its easy placement in the case, you can do it quickly without getting help from an expert.


AGS850 and GL 1000 watts are 2 variants designed by Aregame. The key difference between 150 watts power output. You can choose any of them as per your power needs because they have the same specs and deliver identical performance as well.  


  • Has protection features
  • Solid build
  • Budget friendly 
  • Full modular 
  • Enough power output


  • Sleeve bearing fan
  • A bit noisy 
  • Mediocre transient response

5- EVGA 700 BR, 80+ Bronze 700W Power Supply

EVGA 700 BR, 80+ Bronze 700W Power Supply

Do not feel left out due to the power demand of your Intel core i5-13600k for gaming and productivity. The best thing about the EVGA, it designed power supply units for both enthusiasts and beginners. EVGA 700 BR delivers a output of 700 watts that is enough if you design a mid tier PC with i5-13600K. Ready to cope up with the power needs of the next generations of computer systems. 

Having versatile specs you can get it for both 12th and 13th generation of processors by Intel. An incredible combo of continuous power along with exceptional performance. BR is 80 plus Bronze Certified PSU that gives efficient performance for low to mid tier desktops. The delivery of 700 watts is what you desire to create a solid foundation of your 13th generation systems. 

This is an ideal choice for the passionate gamers for reliable quality and stunning efficiency. Provides 85% or higher efficiency even under heavy load so you can get performance of your choice. Protected from damage by the heavy protections such as OVP, UVP, SCP, OCP, OPP and OTP. Designed in standard ATX form factor that fits in most sizes of the chassis, it should be compatible with the motherboard bracket.

Cabling style is non modular, which is a bit unappreciated because it causes cluttering of wires in the chassis. Comes with full sleeved black cables for the durability and high end aesthetics. Equipped with a long sleeve bearing fan of 120 mm that operates quietly for 3.3V/5V increased voltage stability. DC to DC converter is there for rock-like stability and low noise working.


Comparing EVGA VR with GD to know the key difference, both power supply units deliver the same output power of 700. BR is better over GD because it is 44% cheaper and has 3 more SATA connectors. However, GD is newer and has better 80 Plus efficiency over BR. 


  • No voltage drop 
  • Heavy duty protection 
  • Gives 85% efficiency 
  • Solid build 


  • Noisy 
  • Clunky cords 
  • Non modular 

6- NZXT C750 – NP-C750M – 750 Watt PSU

NZXT C750 - NP-C750M - 750 Watt PSU

Another safe and reliable power supply recommended by us is NZXT C750 – NP-C750M. This PSU is designed to pair up with 12th and 13th Generations processors by Intel. Its certification is 80 plus Gold to give you reliable power for your PC. While fulfilling power demands it is ensuring optimal efficiency that should be your first priority.

To maintain its temperature it uses an air cooling method that dissipates all the excess heat from the PSU. Quieter performance of your components is necessary for the peaceful environment, this PSU takes care of this factor as well. On this PSU you will find a button to enable zero RPM fan mode for silent operations. In terms of this, silencing of the fan in low load conditions is a push of a button away. 

Looking for a power supply that fits most of the chassis is an essential thingy, your C750 does this with its standard ATX form factor. When it comes to the compatibility with graphics cards, it can be paired up with NVIDIA up to 2080 ti and AMD video cards up to Raedeon VII. This power supply unit is designed with the mind of computer DIYers. To follow up the gamers requirements it is an ideal choice for them regarding a mid tier desktop. 

Thanks to its fully modular cabling because it lets you connect only your system required wires. This will not only reduce cluttering and improve airflow but also ensures easier installation. Included cables are sleeves that look great and also make it resist heat damages. Overall it prevents your cables from frying and gives them durability as well as longevity.


Corsair is a well known manufacturer of PSU and gives a tough time to the NZXT. Comparing RM750 and C750, both deliver the same power but RM750 is better due to having 2 more PCI, 1 EPS and 2 SATA connectors. But for the 2 more Molex connectors you can give preference to the NZXT C750 over RM750.


  • Efficient 
  • Long hold up time
  • Fluid dynamic bearing 
  • Nice aesthetics 
  • Low inrush current 


  • Noisy under heavy load
  • Ordinary transient response at 3.3V

Best PSU For i5-13600K Buying Guide

Selection of a power supply is a bit tough job because a wrong purchase can fry your overall computer parts. Get an accurate amount of watts so the needs of your entire system can be fulfilled in a perfect way. From our recommended products you can trust anyone for your newer 13600K. The overall best PSU from our side is Corsair SF750.

For a budgeted power supply you can go for EVGA 700 BR, its price tag is at lower side then other suggested products. No matter which product you pick, your selection must be based on some important factors. Below we mentioned these factors to help you make your decision easier. Let’s have a look at them!


First and foremost factor that should be on your priority first is the wattage of your power supply. If you make your PC with low to mid range components with 13600K then 850 watts power is enough. But for the high end components while having 13600K then you can buy a PSU with 1000 watts power. You can buy Corsair SF750, it delivers power output of 850 watts, it will be fine on your desktop. 


For getting the required efficiency of your power supply then you must consider the certification of your PSU. From the different types of certification, you can choose bronze or platinum certified PSU. You can pick Corsair SF750 for your 13600K that is good for reliable and efficient performance. This power supply delivers up to 92% that is amazing for efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Cable Management:

A power supply unit comes in mainly 3 types of cabling styles, fully modular, semi modular and non modular. Choose the cabling style very carefully because it is necessary for easier cable management. From our side we recommend you fully modular and semi modular because it allows you attachment of wires as per your system needs. From our recommended products almost all power supply units are fully modular and easily manage cables and reduce decluttering.


Your power supply needs to work strenuously, that is why it is at high risk of overheating. That is why it is necessary to look for the thermal solution of your power supply unit. You can choose a PSU with 120 mm, 135 mm or 140 mm so it emits excessive heat easily. Plus, look for a PSU with hydro dynamic bearings   or fluid dynamic bearings so it can smoothly and accurately manage the thermal of your PSU.


We recommend you to consider the warranty period of your power supply unit. Get a power supply of the right type and with a warranty of up to 10 years. This factor is important because to assure the quality of your power and to trust the brand. Get a PSU with at least 5 years warranty so you can use it with peace of mind. 

PSU Requirements i5-13600K

  • Wattage: Min.  400 Watts, Recommended  850 Watts or above
  • Cabling: Semi modular or modular
  • Fans: 120 mm min. or max. 140 mm sized single fan
  • Durability:  100% Japanese 105° C capacitors
  • Protections: Look for electrical discharge coverage from SCP, OVP, OTP, OCP,  etc
  • Form Factor: ATX 12V Recommended
  • Certification: Min.  80 PlusBronze, Recommended: 80 Plus Gold and above
  • Connectors: 8 pin ATX, 24 pin as the main connections,  6+2 PCIe, 5 pin SATA

i5-13600K vs i5-12600K

Intel core i5-13600K is the latest processor and i5-12600K is its predecessor, let us describe differences between these CPUs for you!

  • In both processors, there is a generation gap, i5-13600K is from 13th Gen lineup and i5-12600K is a 12th Gen CPU by Intel
  • Core i5-13600K is newer CPU and equipped with 4 more core then 12600K
  • 13600K also get an edge when it comes to cache space, it has larger L3 cache space than 12600K
  • Core i5-13600K delivers around 17% higher memory bandwidth than 12600K 
  • The turbo boosted speed of this 13600K is 4% higher than its previous version 12600K


Let’s have a look at frequently asked questions about Best PSU For i5-13600K!

How Do You Know Whether Your PSU is Sufficient?

Manually you can calculate by multiplying the total number of amps of all parts of your computer by the total volts of your components. 

What Can Damage A PSU?

Your high quality power supply can damage due to high inrush current, broken MLCC components, cracked PCBs etc. 

How Long Can A Power Supply Last?

Normally a power supply unit lasts for 5 years, but if you are lucky then it can work perfectly for up to 10 years.

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