Best Power Supply For i9-13900K (Compatible, 750W, 850W, 1000W)

You have an eye on the groundbreaking Intel processor and are planning to upgrade your desktop with it. Without the Best Power Supply For i9-13900K you can not make an exquisite gaming system. As an enthusiast, you know very well to achieve the expected performance. This is why you must consider power supply and the watt it comes in. In this article, we got you covered by giving you a review of the most compatible PSUs, take a look!

Intel, a big name in the tech industry especially for the manufacturing of processors, added i9-13900K in its lineup. This is a flagship model, a successor of i9-12900K and designed for exceptional performance. Officially, it is going to release on 20th October 2022, fingers crossed for the users to try it out. To get performance out of this 13th Generation Raptor Lake CPU needs a top rated PSU.   

While taking i9-13900K with mid to high components you require 750 to 850 watts power. For top tier upgradation and to make your purchase future proof you can look for the best 1000w power supply. After getting your needed power output, you have to pay attention to certification of PSU. To ensure efficiency of your PSU for an Intel i9-13900K you need to check its certification. 

Moreover, for your chosen i9-13900K Bronze or Gold certified PSU is absolutely fine. Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power 11 is entitled as our overall best product, an amazing blend of specs that are required for i9-13900K. For stable voltages, protection and quiet operation you can buy Aresgame 850 watts. If you prefer colorful components for your computer then you can consider Thermaltake Smart Pro, it supports RGB. 

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Here is the list lab tested Best Power Supply For i9-13900K

  1. Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power Supply 80 Plus
  2. ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W Gold PSU, Power Supply
  3. Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 850W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
  4. 850W Power Supply 80+ Gold PSU Fully Modular ATX PSU
  5. Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W 80+ Gold SLI Full Modular Power Supply
  6. Power Supply 750W 80 Plus Bronze Certified Semi Modular PSU

1- Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power Supply 80 Plus

Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power Supply 80 Plus

If your PC demands virtually inaudible working of your PSU, look no further than Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power 11. This power supply raises the bar for your computer and gives your expected performance. Clearly a perfect choice to have extraordinary performance for super silent desktops. For the virtually inaudible thanks to a 135 mm fan of 3 wings that maintains the thermal needs of your PSU. 

Large funnel shaped fan offers airflow intake on the DC side and as a result you get better cooling. Thermal solution of your PSU is not only important for cooling but also it improves its longevity. Its fully modular cabling design gives you maximum build flexibility as it reduces wire clustering in the chassis. Integrated with advanced fluid-dynamic bearing and 6-pole motor of fan for the dissipation of operational noise, give it a super-long life and minimizes power consumption.

BN619 is a 80 Plus certified power supply that gives you up to 93% efficiency. Designed to provide advanced stability and voltage regulation gives power output of 750 watts for your i9-13900K. Based on DC-to-DC, LLC and SR structure for 12v-rails high-performance and multi-GPU support. Manufactured with 4 PCI-Express connectors and Japanese 105°c-rated capacitors that give surety of its stability, reliability and durability. 

Additionally, its stability is unmatched that makes it an ideal choice for gamers and creators. All kinds of cables that can be required by your computer are included in the box. This power supply offers you a ton of connectors that allow the easy attachment of other components like SSD with it. Its form factor is standard, an ATX power supply that can easily and properly fit in ATX and EATX chassis.  


Be quiet! Straight Power 11 and BN619 Straight Power 11 are 2 identical power supplies. Both deliver the same output power of 750 watts but have different certifications. You can give preference to BN619 Straight Power 11  over straight power 11 because it is 13% cheaper and has 4 Molex connectors. 


  • Stay cool
  • Perform quieter operations 
  • Gives 93% efficiency 
  • Fully modular 
  • Stable 


  • Bad soldering quality 
  • Protection feature needs improvements 

2- ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W Gold PSU, Power Supply

ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W Gold PSU, Power Supply

If you are looking for the best 1000w power supply then you can consider ASUS ROG Strix. The most crucial point about this power supply is it supports multiple voltages. Range of voltages is 100 to 240 volts that means you can set it on the required power by your PC. Its certification is 80 Plus Gold that makes it efficient enough for i9-13900K. 

Efficiency that you get is the result of having 100% Japanese Capacitors both together it makes your overall solid build. After working so hard your PSU can get overheated this PSU covers you regarding this as well. Engineered with ROG heatsinks that save your components from any critical components. When your temperature is low as a result, the lifespan of your PSU increases. 

The Axial tech fan consists of a smaller fan hub with larger blades and a barrier ring that overall improves airflow. The durability comes with dual ball bearings that give 2 times better performance than sleeve bearings. To avoid distraction it has support of 0dB technology that gives a noise free environment so you can enjoy lighting gameplay in relative silence. For the reliable and virtually silent performance this is an ideal power supply unit. 

This power supply unit gives you cosmetic customization through magnetic logo and stickers you can reskin it. Besides all the amazing feature cabling style can enhance your overall usage experience and thermal performance. Its cabling design is fully modular and gives you a neat and tidy rig while improving airflow. To ensure your peace of mind the manufacturer gives a warranty of 10 years that is insurance of its stability.  


Asus ROG Strix 1000w and Corsair RM1000x are 2 competitors. Both offer the same power of 1000 watts and 80 Plus Gold certification. ASUS is 27% cheaper and newer than RM1000x. However, RM1000x has 2 more PCIe 6+2 pin connectors, 3 SATA and 6 Molex connectors as compared to ROG Strix.


  • Excellent quality 
  • Great performer 
  • Elegant aesthetics 
  • Softer cables 
  • Quiter 
  • Full modular 
  • 10 years warranty 


  • Expensive 
  • Small gap between its connectors

3- Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 850W 80+ Bronze Power Supply

Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 850W 80+ Bronze Power Supply

For an attractive system RGB support plays an important role. If your preference is a RGB PSU then look no further than Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 850W. Get this next generation power supply, it not only has a azming specs but also makes your system colorful. Delivers a power output of 850 watts that is enough for the i9-13900K and other mid to high range components. 

This era is of colorful components because they not just provide you performance but also give an amazing look to your system. While fulfilling the demand of your entire desktop system also RGB lighting is at your fingertips. Smart Pro is a 80 plus bronze certified and sky lake C6/C7 for the surety of reliability. Due to its specs it is already prepared to pair up with Intel processors. 

This power supply is ready to serve your Intel processors and give maximum energy saving. To cope up with cooling requirements it is equipped with a 140 mm fan. Rotates to improve case exhaust cooling and keep it cool even while performing heavy loads. There is a mode to set your fan to work on 0 RPM speed that reduces the noise of your total gaming system. 

Thermaltake gives you a warranty of 7 years that provides you peace of mind while ensuring its high quality of build. The form factor is ATX12V that is a standard size look for a compatible chassis for proper fitting. There are 2 kinds of connectors such as; ATX and EPS that enable you to attach your modern components with it. Installation is so easy you can fit it in your case with no effort and help by an expert. 


Toughpower Grand RGB 850w and Smart Pro 850w are 2 power supplies by Thermaltake but from different series. Both are fully modular and support RGB but have dissimilar certification. Smart Pro is 41 cheaper and has 2 more Molex connectors as compared to the Toughpower Grand. Meanwhile, Toughpower Grand is more efficient and is designed with 2 PCI-Express 6+2 Pin and 3 more SATA connectors than Smart Pro. 


  • High quality build 
  • 7 years warranty 
  • Ripple suppression 
  • Full modular 
  • RGB 
  • Fan gives a lot of functionality 


  • Aggressive fan profile 
  • A bit noisy at full load

4- Aresgame 850W Power Supply 80+ Gold PSU Fully Modular ATX PSU

850W Power Supply 80+ Gold PSU Fully Modular ATX PSU

To fulfill the system requirement of 850 watts this power supply by aresgame can be chosen. To generate the effective performance and to assure longer dependability, all capacitors are high-quality Japanese capacitors. Speed of SMART FAN of 135 mm depends upon the system load, speed will be modified. A longer lifespan is provided by the two ball bearing structure, and the fan can stop whenever the system is unloaded or idle.

You get 90% performance at 50% load, it is guaranteed by its 80 Plus Gold certification. Reduced heat, less fan noise, and less power waste are all benefits of improved power efficiency. Additionally, it will conserve more energy and money with the assistance of Intel processors. For the hardware, a single +12V rail offers the best output power, reliability, and compatibility. 

Offers the simplest method for installing the power line and the ideal overclocking configuration. The form factor of the PSU is one of its highlights because it makes it compatible with most chassis. This device is far more compact than many other ATX PSUs now available on the market. An ATX 850W PSU typically measures about 140 mm deep, therefore the UD850GM is unquestionably an improvement. 

This eliminates any clearance difficulties and makes it very simple to install them in many chassis. It’s fantastic that Aresgame was able to minimize the total size without sacrificing anything. The series and company logos are decals that are written to the left and right sides of the chassis. The sticker containing the electrical specs is attached to the top side.


Aresgame 850W and 1000W are 2 versions of PSUs from the same brand. The basic difference between them is 150 watts power output. Both are recommended for the tight budget you can choose as per your system’s requirement; overall deliver a bit identical performance.  


  • Offers full output power at 41 degrees celsius 
  • High PF readings
  • Full modular 
  • Protection features are added


  • Low build quality 
  • Noisy 
  • Low efficiency 

5- Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W 80+ Gold SLI Full Modular Power Supply

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W 80+ Gold SLI Full Modular Power Supply

The 650W to 850W variants of the completely flexible Toughpower GF1 series. You have Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W on your plate to pair it up with your i9-13900K. Designed to offer 80 PLUS Gold performance and ensure efficiency for you. Equipped with a 140 mm mechanical bearing fan, Japanese capacitors, and other high-end parts. 

Having top tier specs that help it to offer consistent and stable power in an environment. With a maximum temperature of 50°C, while nearly silent operation and dependable performance are guaranteed. The Toughpower GF1 can answer the market’s demand for a quality power supply. Engineered with the newest features and offering a generous 10-year guarantee.

For improved heat dissipation and excellent power output quality, the rear panel and PCB are connected with a copper plate. Intelligent RPM controls on an ultra-quiet 140 mm hydraulically bearing fan aid to provide optimal cooling performance. From 0% to 100% load, all ripples on +12V, +5V, or +3.3V are less than 30mV. As a result it guarantees steady operation and prolongs the useful life of your performance-critical components.

To achieve the best performance, the voltage regulation norm, which is 5% for main rails and 10% for -12V, is adjusted to no more than 2% for major rails. For optimal energy savings, the line has been tuned to operate with CPUs from every generation. Provides customers with a cable selection option while operating the device at a beneficial voltage. Low-profile flat black connection improves airflow inside the chassis, simplifies cable management, and eliminates clutter.


Toughpower GF1 750W and Toughpower GF1 850W are 2 variants from the same series of power supply by Thermltake. GF1 750w gives 100 watts less power output and also 14% cheaper than GF1 850w. However, GF1 850 is better for the number of PCI express, EPS and SATA connectors.


  • Fully modular
  • Very competitively priced
  • Japanese capacitors throughout.
  • Decent finish
  • 10 warranty 


  • A bit noisy 
  • Little difficult detachment of some cables

6- Power Supply 750W 80 Plus Bronze Certified Semi Modular PSU

Power Supply 750W 80 Plus Bronze Certified Semi Modular PSU

When it comes to selecting a power supply for I9-13900K, the finest power supply for gamers is the ARESGAME AGV750. Because of its exceptional performance and extremely consistent power output. Stable Output delivers your system voltage that is more dependable, stable, and supplies power more consistently. The best efficacy is provided by 80 plus Bronze quality products with 85% effectiveness or above under average loads. 

You have the choice to only use the cables you require with semi-modular construction. In terms of this resulting in a cleaner structure with greater ventilation. Its performance is improved by the ultra-quiet 120 mm fan with intelligent speed of the fan management, which is quiet and robust. Your system will look more high-tech thanks to the attractive Aspect of SECC black coated housing, bushings wires, connector and fan. 

The display of images is improved by offering High-end VGA card compatibility with a contemporary PCI-E 6+2pin socket. Efficiency is among the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing a power source. For greater thermal ventilation, its superb dissipation system combines a honeycomb ventilation design with a fan. Overall, there are enough connectors for a modest 750W power supply, and 150 mm between peripheral connectors is the appropriate distance. 

There aren’t any in-cable caps, that would add weight to the cables but would also aid in transient responsiveness and ripple filtering. Full power at 41 celsius with incorporation of protection features has the right fundamental advantages. The combination of adequate dynamic response at 12V and good PF readings at 115V. Along with a 10-year guarantee makes it the ideal system to choose as you have surety of its performance for a longer period of time.


Comparing AresGame AGV750 with EVGA 750 B5 to find the key differences. Both power supplies give the same output of 750 watts with the same 80 Plus Bronze certification. However, the AGV750 is better because it is a newer product and 20% cheaper in price. Reason of choosing EVGA B5 is that it is fully modular.   


  • Better heat dissipation
  • Offers reliable and stable output 
  • Long cables 
  • Affordable 


  • Not modular 
  • Low efficiency 

Best Power Supply For i9-13900K Buying Guide 

For your computer system one of the most crucial components is a power supply unit. With a PSU you give accurate power to your entire system that it needs for working. Selection of the Best Power Supply For i9-13900K is not like walking in a park. Above mentioned all PSUs have potential to cope up with your chosen processor, i9-13900K. 

On our list be quiet! BN619 Straight Power 11 is a best overall product for core i9-13900K. If your budget is less than you can choose Aresgame AGV750 power supply unit. For the better experience you must make your purchase on a pointer. Let’s have a look for some factors that you must consider before shopping for your future PSU. 


Primarily, you should calculate the power requirements of your entire desktop system. Then buy a power supply unit with the most accurate power output that matches your calculations. Generally, for core i9-13900K 750 watts to 850 watts is sufficient, but this depends upon your other components. You can buy Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power 11 it has enough potential for i9-13900K. 


Looking for the power output is not enough while buying a power supply. To ensure its efficiency you have to consider certification of your power supply. For the Intel core i9-13900K you can buy 80 Plus Bronze or Gold certified PSU or for top tier components platinum. Be quiet! BN619 Straight Power 11 is 80 Plus certified and works well for i9-13900K. 


Another key point for the selection of the power supply unit is its cabling style. This is necessary for the thermal performance of your PSU and decluttering of wires in your computer chassis. There 3 types of cabling for a PSU, full modular, semi modular and non modular. You can select be quiet! BN619 Straight Power 11 due to its fully modular design it is a better option. 


Your power supply unit has to work so hard to give power to all parts of the computer and it can overheat. Due to higher chances of heating up you must look for a PSU with a proper cooling system. We recommend you to buy your PSU with a 120 mm or 140 mm fan with fluid dynamic bearings or hydro dynamic bearings. You can buy Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 as it is designed with Ultra quiet 140 mm hydraulic Bearing fan. 


Lastly, you should look at the warranty period that is offered by your chosen power supply unit. Because the duty of your power supply is so hard that is why it must be strong. To ensure durability and lifespan of an electronics product including a PSU you must consider its warranty. On our list all products give up to 10 years warranty so you can get any of them with peace of mind. 

Power Supply Requirements i9-13900K

  • Power: Min. 750W, Recommended 850W
  • Certification: Min. 80 Plus Bronze, Recommended: 80 Plus Gold
  • Cabling: Full Modular or Semi-modular
  • Durability:  100% Japanese 105° C capacitors
  • Clearance: Must have a free expansion slot and have free space for power cables

Core i9-13900K vs Ryzen 7950X

Intel and AMD are 2 competitors and serve their customers by providing exactly what they want. Core i9-13900K and Ryzen 7950X are recently released. Let’s have a look at the similarities and dissimilarities between them!

  • Core i9-13900K is a processor of 13th generation and Ryzen 7950X is from the 6th Generation
  • For the both processor used a different architecture, i9-13900K is based on Raptor Lake S and 7950X is designed with Raphael Zen 4
  • Both CPUs are ready for hyperthreading and overclocking 
  • For these CPUs the number of cores are dissimilar, but threads are the same. Core i9-13900K is engineered with 24 cores and 32 threads, 7950X owns 16 cores and 32 threads
  • You can push the clock up of i9-13900K up to 5.80 GHz and the boosted speed of 7950X is 5.70 GHz
  • Both desktop processor support 2 channel memory up to 128 GB
  • Plus, graphics capabilities are added in both CPUs, i9-13900K is integrated with Intel UHD Graphics 770 and 7950X comes with AMD Radeon graphics (Raphael)
  • Core i9-13900K is preferable due to the up to 26% less power consumption than 7950X
  • Ryzen 7950X provides 6% higher turbo boost frequency than i9-13900K
  • Moreover, Ryzen 7950X also has 28 MB L3 cache space that is larger as compared to i9-13900K
  • The price of both processors is between 580 to 700 dollars, 7950X is a bit expensive than i9-13900K


Below are a few commonly asked questions about Best Power Supply For i9-13900K!

Which Series Of PSU Is Best For Intel Processors?

Corsair SF series works very well with Intel CPUs.

Does Memory Affect The Power Consumption?

The amount of RAM has a bit or no impact on power consumption of other components of a PC.

What Makes CPU Faster?

A higher clock speed is really responsible for making a processor faster. 

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