Best Motherboard For i5-13600K (Gaming, Z790, DDR5)

Intel’s latest processors are live now and the system builders are eager to know about the Best Motherboard For i5-13600K. Gamers and enthusiasts are waiting to upgrade their PCs and anticipate a compatible board. We have listed its top picks from plenty of options that are available in the market. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Core i5-13600K is a mid tier CPU by Intel and equipped with a good deal of specs that make it capable for gaming and productivity as well. Delivers 10% faster performance in gaming and up to 45% faster multi-core performance as compared to its predecessors. To cope with the power of your processor and other parts of the system you need a competent motherboard. As a circuit board is the foundation of your computer system so it should be solid enough.

For i5-13600K the users need a motherboard with the support of LGA socket for the placement of processor on PCB. You can buy any motherboard from the series of 600 and 700, and the compatible chipsets are Z690, Z790, B660, H610, H670. Each chipset gives unique capabilities, and gets a combo of board and CPU that explicitly support these features. This is the K version of i5-13600, to unleash integrated graphics, buy a board that supports overclocking via XMP profile.

Furthermore, ASUS Prime Z690-A is the best overall option for your i5-13600 due to its high blend of features. Look for the WiFi 6E and LAN for faster, stable and secure network connection. To achieve RGB Synchronization you can purchase GIGABYTE B660 Gaming X AX with FUSION 2.0 support. The support of PCI express 5.0 and DDR5 memory type so your purchase will be future proof and gives faster speed.

Keep reading for the review of products and a buying guide!

Here is the list of Best Motherboard For i5-13600K

  1. ASUS Prime Z690-A LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard
  2. GIGABYTE Z690 Gaming X DDR4 Gaming Motherboard
  3. MSI PRO B660M-A DDR4 Motherboard
  4. MSI MPG Z690 Edge WiFi DDR4 Gaming Motherboard
  5. GIGABYTE B660 Gaming X AX DDR4 Gaming Motherboard
  6. ASUS Prime B660M-A D4 LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard

1- ASUS Prime Z690-A LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard

ASUS Prime Z690-A LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard

Meet Asus Prime Z690-A that is designed to cope up with the demands of Intel latest processors. Asus claims that this is an ideal purchase for those who are seeking a board to build a sleek PC. This board will add futuristic- look to your build with the black and white finish. For more enhancement metallic nameplate and PCB cover are there for its durability. 

Ready for Intel 12th and 13th processors through Intel LGA 1700 socket, it’s the easiest installation on the PCB. Offers enhanced power solution having 16+1 DrMOS and ProCool sockets. Equipped with alloy chokes and strong capacitors that gives durability and stable power delivery. Designed to support AI overclocking to optimize performance. 

With the help of AI features you can achieve better results regarding CPU and cooler loads. In terms of this, you do not need help from experts for tuning, because with AI you have extremely close results that you get manually. Features AI cooling for management and control of all fans of the board makes this a smart choice for today’s era of PCs.

Automatically optimizing settings are based on the current load and temperature of the system. Designed with Two-Way AI Noise-Cancelation that eliminates noise from the background of the microphone for crystal-clear communication while gaming or video calling. Supports DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 for making connections of the GPU with the board. There are plenty of connectivity ports such as USB 3.2 Gen and Thunderbolts 4 with high transfer speed.


Z690-A and Z690-P are 2 boards manufactured by AUSU and exist in its Prime series. Due to the same series both are very similar but also there are few differences. We consider the Z690-A is better as compared to the Z690-P because it has 1 more fan header, PCIe slots and USB ports. 


  • Supports DDR5 memory
  • Excellent overclocking options
  • Q-Latch for M.2
  • Plenty of USB ports 
  • Easy to install M.2 drives 
  • No lane sharing with the storage


  • No onboard Wi-Fi
  • Fan-header is little awkward
  • Less SATA ports 

2- GIGABYTE Z690 Gaming X DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

GIGABYTE Z690 Gaming X DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

If you are looking for a motherboard that ensures overclocking of your i5-13600K, look no further than GIGABYTE Z690 Gaming X. This board is born to support the overclocking and maximum turbo speed of your processor. Equipped with a unique VRM design and the highest quality of other components. Ready to perform in a better way with all the upcoming PCI express 5.0 devices. 

Expectedly, with the support of PCIe 5.0 you will experience double bandwidth than its previous version PCIe 4.0. You will easily reach the high speed and plus it maintains signal integrity excellently. To ensure the maximum performance for you it uses low impedance PCB. You can get it for 12th and 13 Generation processors by Intel core. 

While using LGA 1700 CPU socket you can easily install your CPU on it. Compatible with DDR4 dual non ECC unbuffered memory to make your data access faster. For sturdy power it is designed with digital VRM 16 plus1 plus2 Twin Hybrid design. Having 60A DrMOS it enables the power system of this board and greatly improves efficiency and thermal performance. 

Furthermore, your motherboard must stay cool down for its longevity and better performance. For the comprehensive cooling, which comes with fully covered thermal design it is engineered with MOSFET heatsinks and enlarged thermal guards. For fast connectivity and networking it offers Quad NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2, USB 3.2 Gen and 2.5GbE LAN. RGB FUSION 2.0 is there too for the support of RGB LEDs, strips Q-flash and smart fan. 


Z690 X and Z690 UD are manufactured by Gigabyte with the same chipset. Gigabyte Z690 X is better because of 1 M.2 and 1 USB 3.2 more ports than Z690 UD. But Z690 UD is 6% cheaper and has 2 more PCIe slots as compared to the Z690 X. 


  • Attractive design
  • Plenty of ports
  • Very reasonable price
  • Good software and EFI


  • Less fan headers
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Mediocre on-board audio

3- MSI PRO B660M-A DDR4 Motherboard

MSI PRO B660M-A DDR4 Motherboard

Do you want to buy a compact sized motherboard that is compatible with i5-13600K as well. Then you can consider MSI PRO B660M-A, it is compatible with all Intel’s latest CPUs. This is a business oriented motherboard that comes in micro ATX size but without lack of specification. Based on the latest chipset B660 and also ample memory capacity is included. 

Pro B660M-A delivers memory boost by having 4 DIMMS and dual channel RAM. You can get up to 128 GB RAM at 4800 MHz overclocking speed. Supports 12th and 13th generation Pentium Gold, and Celeron processors by Intel and LGA 1700 cooling brackets. For the speed like light it enables you to add a Gen4 M.2 slot with Shield Frozr. 

To ensure its longevity and efficiency cooling features are also integrated in this board. Designed with VRM heatsink so it can offer excellent thermal dissipation under heavy loading. Circuit board is made of thickened copper, gives more reliability and improves heat dissipation. Offers Frozr AI cooling for the automatic adjustment of settings of the fan to tackle GPU and CPU temperatures. 

Manufactured with premium layout and digital power that make it capable to cope up with a processor with more cores. Support advanced technology related to the RAM so you can have pure data signals, stability and compatibility. Flawless audio doubles the joy of gameplay so for the audio boost it is equipped with 7.1 HD audio. For the fast connectivity it comes with PCIe 4.0,  USB 3.2 ports and 2.5G LAN connector. 


Let’s compare B660M-A and B660-E that are from the same Pro series by MSI. Both support DDR4 memory but B660M-A has more PCIe, M.2, RAM and USB ports as compared to the B660M-E. When it comes to price B660M-E is 6% cheaper and 2 SATA ports over B660M-A.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Delivers solid performance 
  • Compact size 


  • Pricier than competition
  • No RGBs 

4- MSI MPG Z690 Edge WiFi DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

MSI MPG Z690 Edge WiFi DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

To get full expansion slots with color nothing can be as better as MSI MPG Z690 Edge. Through this motherboard the gamers can bring out the best from their gaming setups. You can buy this board for your 12th or 13th Gen Intel Core, Pentium and Celeron processors. With the help of LGA 1700 socket you can place your chosen processor on the PCB.

The support of advanced RGB LED lighting control and synchronization to make your chassis colorful. Plus, there is a LED strip at its front that enables you to experiment on the next level of customization. This feature is also notable because it offers you notifications while gaming and real time too. Get this board and transform your desktop system into the center of attention for others. 

MSI claims that due to the high level specs it is one of the top leaders in style. Equipped with audio ports, 5+ Optical S/PDIF for an amazing audio experience that will enhance your gameplay. You can add on DDR5 memory at up to 5600 MHz overclocking speed to get faster data access. MSI takes care of its heat management, it is designed with a premium thermal solution. 

Equipped with extended heatsink for the better elimination of heat so it can perform efficiently. There is M.2 shield frozr to install SSDs and provides you non stop high performance of your computer system. For multimedia and professional usage of your PC it requires an upgraded network solution. With the support of 2.5G LAN and Intel Wi-Fi 6E you have faster, smoother and secure connection of networking.  


Let’s compare Z690 Edge and Z690 Force to find out which one is better. Both are from the same series MPG by MSI but Z690 Edge is superior to Z690 Force because of more PCIe and SATA slots. And Z690 Force is a fine option for the more M.2 and USB ports as compared to the Z690 Edge. 


  • Premium audio solution
  • Capable power delivery
  • 4 M.2 sockets with EZ clips
  • WiFi 6E


  • Busy look
  • Roughly starts 

5- GIGABYTE B660 Gaming X AX DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

GIGABYTE B660 Gaming X AX DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

If you are performance hungry then buy GIGABYTE B660 Gaming X AX. This board is based on the B660 chipset and has outstanding connectivity options that enables optimizing performance for your. At top all, it is compatible with the 12th and 13 generation Intel core processors. The supported socket is the latest Intel LGA 1700, via this you can place it on the PCB. 

Allows you to add 4 DIMMs dual channel RAM to boost the speed of accessing data. The supported type of memory is DDR4, get the memory size of your choice and make your computer faster. Manufactured with digital VRM, 8 pin solid pin connector and  8+1+1 Phases Hybrid design for sturdy power. Plus, premium choke and capacitors are there for the surety of durability of this processor. 

Gigabyte produces this motherboard with high specs and long lifespan. However, to maintain its longevity it needs a solid temperature management. Comes with fully covered MOSFET heatsinks and M.2 thermal guard for the comprehensive thermal solution. The integration of next level connectivity options makes it more versatile and makes it a worthy purchase. 

Via using PCI express 4.0 version you can easily make stable connection of GPUs and CPU with the board. In addition to this, with dual NVME PCIe 4.0 x M.2 you can install an SSD in your PC for storage capacity and overall fast performance. For fast networking it provides you 2.5GbE LAN and WIFI 6 802.11ax on the board. High end capacitors and noise guard with RGB FUSION 2.0 you never face distortion and can get RGB components in your case. 


While comparing Gigabyte B660M GAMING X AX with B660 gaming X. You analyzed that X AX is better for 3 reasons, for instance it is 30% cheaper and supports AMD CrossFire and LAN. whereas; the X version offers 1 more PCIe and M.2 slot than X AX.


  • Price
  • M.2 slots
  • VRM cooling
  • Great test results
  • A lot of headers for fans and RGB LEDs 
  • Built in Wi-Fi


  • XMP does not support well with different types of RAM

6- ASUS Prime B660M-A D4 LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard

ASUS Prime B660M-A D4 LGA 1700 ATX Motherboard

Are you a user of a 13th generation processor and looking for a solid motherboard for it? Then you can consider ASUS Prime B660M-A D4 to unleash its full power. ASUS expertly designed it with all the high level specs so you can get full potential of your chosen processor. This board is compatible with 12th and 13th Generation processors of Intel.

With the help of LGA 1700 CPU socket you can place your CPU on the PCB. The best blend of robust power design and thermal cooling solution, you have powerful performance while keeping it cool down. Having intelligent tuning options it delivers more optimized performance for you i5-13600K. The combo of Prime B66M-A D4 and i5-13600K is ready to serve the daily users and DIYers of PC. 

You get a wide range of performance while featuring incredible software and hardware capabilities. This is another mATX board on our list, so if you need a small board then it will perfectly serve you. Supports PCI express Gen 4.0 that enables stable and secure attachment of CPU and GPU with the board. Plus, the manufacturer gives you 2 x M.2 slots with this board for the SSDs installation.

Flexibility of connectivity options make it a more attractive and more worthy purchase for i5-13600K. There are 1 x DisplayPort ,2 x HDMI, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 and Gen 1 of Type-C and gives video output and faster transfer speed. Comes with ASUS OptiMem II so you can carefully trace ground layer optimization for improved memory and preserve signal integrity. While working hard to avoid overheating it is equipped with VRM, PCH and M.2 heatsink, hybrid fan headers and Fan Xpert 2+. 


Let’s look at the B660M-A D4 and Prime B660M-K D4 side by side. These both motherboards are from the Prime series by ASUS but a bit different from each. Prime B660M-A D4 has more fan headers, memory and USB slots. Whereas; Prime B660M-K D4 is better due to the VGA connector and smaller size than B660M-A D4. 


  • High speed memory overclocking
  • PCI-E Gen 4 
  • M.2 support
  • HDMI
  • Compact size


  • No PCI-E 5.0 Support
  • No integrated WiFi

Best Motherboard For i5-13600K Buying Guide

Getting a solid base for your PC is as important as the selection of processor. From our list, no matter which motherboard you buy, you are in safe hands. Our recommended products are ready to tackle the power of your i5-13600K comfortably. We entitled ASUS Prime Z690-A  as an overall best motherboard for i5-13600K. 

We also have a budgeted option for you that is ASUS Prime B660M-A D4. Moreover, when you make a decision about your future motherboard, you must be careful. Buy the board while considering some important factors that will make your purchase worthy. Let’s check out those pointers!


When you look for a motherboard to use it with i5-13600K, its chipset is its first and foremost consideration. All those motherboards are compatible with i5-13600k that are based on Z690 and Z790 chipsets. But if you are searching for a board on a low budget then you can look for the boards from the B and H series. ASUS Prime A is based on the Z690 chipset and can easily handle the power of i5-13600K. 

Memory Type:

After the selection of the chipset of the motherboard you need to consider the kind of memory that you planned to use in your PC. For the Raptor Lake processors of Intel you can choose either DDR4 or DDR5 type. Plus the type of memory depends upon which generation of motherboard you want to use. We recommend you to get ASUS Prime Z690-A because it supports DDR5 that is future proof and gives better performance than DDR4. 

Memory Overclocking:

If you are one of those gamers who love overclocking the memory of a PC to attain its full potential. Then we recommend you to get a motherboard that can tackle the overclocking of your processor and memory. For this your board must support XMP because it enables overclocking DDR memory. You can trust MSI PRO B660M-A to overclock your memory in a better way as it comes with XMP support.

Video Output Port:

Intel manufactured 2 variants of the same model, one has KF and other is K at the end of its name. As your i5-13600K lacks F which indicates that this processor is designed with integrated GPU support. To use its integrated graphics we recommend you to buy a board with video output ports such as; HDMI and DisplayPort. You can buy ASUS Prime Z690-A as it is manufactured with both HDMI and DisplayPort for video output. 

Storage Ports:

When you buy a motherboard it must look like it has enough storage ports such as SATA and M.2 slots. For the installation of SSD, which is a faster type of storage you need an M.2 slot and with SATA ports you can add HDD or other optical drives. Normally, motherboards that are based on Z690, Z790 or H670 have x4 NVMe M.2 slots that are a good choice for you. ASUS Prime Z690-A has 4 SATA and 4 M.2 slots that are enough for storage installation. 


Your purchase of a motherboard can not be successful until you have a sufficient number of USB ports with your desired speed. Most Z690 or Z790 based boards have USB 3.2 2×2 at 20 GB per sec, USB 3.2 2×1 at 10 GB per sec and USB 3.2 1×1 at 5 GB per sec speeds. ASUS Prime Z690-A is designed with Thunderbolt 4 and numerous USB 3.2 Gen2 type C at up to 20 Gb per sec speed. 

Form Factor:

Typically motherboards are designed in three sizes, the most common is ATX form factor. This is a standard size but if you want to build a mini desktop system then you should pick a board with Micro ATX or Mini ITX form factor. But keep in mind if you go for a small form factor then it will have less RAM and PCIe slots. You can use a Mini ITX board in the micro ATX chassis, and in ATX case a mini ITX and Micro ATX board can be installed. 

PCIe Expansion Slots:

Another important factor that also needs your attention is the number of PCI express slots. Commonly, the motherboards are based on H670, Z790 and Z690 chipsets are most flexible as they have multiple PCIe express expansion slots.  ASUS Prime Z690-A supports PCI express 5.0 version that is an incredible choice due to the high speed. Via using these slots you can easily and securely connect the components of your PC with the board. 

Motherboard Requirements For i5-13600K

  • Form Factor: your case’s form factor and motherboard’s form factor must matches with each other
  • Connectivity: You have a free PCIe x16 Slot to plug in
  • Slot: Get a motherboard with enough free space for PSU installation and adjustment of its cables
  • Networking: Your board must support the latest type of wireless connection, recommended WiFi 6E
  • Ports: Get a board with as many ports as possible 
  • Socket: CPU and motherboard socket must be compatible 
  • AI Motherboard: Optional, to get a smoother experience
  • PSU: 750–1000 Watt
  • RGB: As per your desire 
  • Chipset: Z690, Z790, B660, H610, H670
  • Series: 600, 700
  • Your motherboard and graphics processing unit must support similar version of PCI express
  • Your CPU cooler does not bottleneck your processor 
  • You must has sufficient physical room to make sure the installation of graphics card card

Intel i5-13600K Vs Ryzen 7600X

When you are looking for the latest processors but your choice is low to mid tier CPU. Intel and AMD are both ready to cover you regarding this by providing mid range but newer processors, i5-13600K and 7600X. Lets check out the differences and improvements in both processors!

  1. Core i5-13600K is a 13th Generation CPU and 7600X is from the 6th Generation by AMD
  2. Intel uses Raptor Lake S architecture for i5-13600K and 7600X is based on Raphael (Zen 4)
  3. The number of cores and threads of i5-13600K are 14 cores and 20 threads and 7600X comes with 6 cores and 12 threads
  4. Ryzen 7600X is designed with AM5 socket and the CPU socket of i5-13600K is LGA 1700
  5. Core i5-13600K gives you a base clock speed of 3.5 GHz that you can push up to 5.1 GHz. Whereas the base clock of 7600X is 4.7 GHz and boosted clock speed is 5.3 GHz
  6. The TDP of 7600X is 105 watts and the thermal design power of i5-13600K is 125 watts
  7. Ryzen 7600X supports DDR5-5200 and for i5-13600K you can use DDR5-5600
  8. Ryzen 7600X and i5-13600K has the same PCI express 5.0 version 
  9. For these processors you can get up to 128 GB RAM
  10. Both processors supports overclocking as well as hyperthreading 
  11. These CPUs have the graphics capabilities
  12. With these processors you can get the advantage of Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux platforms
  13. The price of 7600X 499 dollars while you can purchase Core i5-13600K 539 dollars.


Below are a few common asked questions about the best Motherboard For i5-13600K!

Which Motherboards Are Compatible With Intel 11th Generation?

For the Intel core 11th Generation you can choose motherboards based on 400 or 500 series chipsets with LGA 1200 socket. 

Are i5 Processors Good For Gaming?

Yes, i7 processors can stand out when you need a great processor for gaming. 

Which Chipset Is Better: Z490 Vs Z590?

From these motherboard chipsets, the Z590 chipset is better due to the overall better connectivity as compared to the Z490.

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