Best Gaming Monitor for RTX 4080 (4K, Cheap, Ultrawide)

You are an enthusiast of gamers and always love to upgrade your gaming setup with new gaming components. So when you buy the new NVIDIA Flagship GPU, you want the Best Monitor for RTX 4080. This card has 12GB and 16GB VRAM that is great for Gaming and other intensive tasks. 

We are here to provide you with top picks and buying guides at the end to make your decision easier for most out of your RTX 4080 Graphics card. So let’s start without further delay! First, you can get in this post screen size 27 to 34 Inches with IPS display technology. These colors are also bright and vibrant, you have a wide color in your arsenal because of 99% sRGB color coverage. 

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series comes with 27-inches with impressive resolution. Such as, all products have NVIDIA G-Sync and Free-Sync technologies for clear, smooth images without any blurring and ghosting free content. Get the 1ms response time and 144GH to 360GH with fast, responsive, lag-free graphics. 

All products come with the gorgeous Ergonomic adjustable stand for viewing at a comfortable level. In addition, ASUS ROG Swift Gaming Monitor offers adjustable standability for comfort watching points. For other devices and graphics connections, these monitors come with USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, and Audio Jacks.

Here is the list lab tested Best Monitor for RTX 4080

  1. ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz HDR Gaming Monitor
  2. Alienware 360Hz Gaming Monitor
  3. ViewSonic ELITE IPS Gaming Monitor
  4. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series Gaming Monitor
  5. MSI Full UHD 4K Anti-Glare 1ms Monitor
  6. LG 34 Inch 21: 9 UltraGear Curved Gaming Monitor

1- ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz HDR Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz HDR Gaming Monitor

The RTX 4080 is a powerful Graphics card; you want the best Monitor for its high performance. ASUS ROG Swift for this is an ideal choice because of its high quality, brilliant features, and outstanding performance in Gaming. First of all, its 25-inches Full HD with high 1920 x 1080 resolution offers clear pictures and gives you more desktop real estate to work with. 

Thanks to its IPS Display, which provides better viewing angles, impressive image quality, and outstanding color accuracy. Such as, the 360 Hz refresh rate feature is amazing for professional esports gamers, and this IPS display offers a 1ms GTG response time which helps to no motion blur. Because of these features, you can get an incredibly smooth experience and tear-free gameplay. 

Along with the NVIDIA ultra-low motion blur technology, get super smooth-moving visuals. When you play high-end games, its HDR feature delivers a wide color range for more realistic visuals. If you are embroiled in long-term Gaming, you may be tired; for this, its Flicker-free technology reduces flickers to less eye strain for improved comfort. 

You can spend a long time playing games and watching movies on this Monitor without eye problems. Because of its ultra-low blue light technology ability, a unique feature helps to reduce the amount of harmful blue light. The Ergonomic design stand has brilliant features so you can adjust your device to your ideal viewing point. It is easily tilted, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment and is VESA-compatible for wall mounting.


Comparing this ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR to the ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN 24.5, both Monitors have the same features. But the difference between the price if you have enough budget then you buy the ASUS ROG PG259QNR is outstanding for your demands. 


  • Aura sync RGB LED on its backside
  • Fast IPS Display
  • Excellent performance for Gaming
  • Support HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB Ports
  • Low blue Light Technology


  • Bit Expensive

2- Alienware 360Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware 360Hz Gaming Monitor

Do you want the smooth, tear-free gaming experience with your RTX 4080 Card? Then for this, the Alienware 360 Gaming Monitor is a great choice because of NVIDIA G-Sync certification.  Offers stunning image quality and outstanding performance that will change your game. Sentence too long

Thanks to its 24.5 Inches FHD 1920 x 1080p resolution display, you feel like you are viewing and playing in real life because of clear images and 21:9 Aspect Ratio. Amazing for a better contrast ratio which is good for deep black and any other image you are looking at. Such as, its colors are also bright and vibrant; you have a wide color in your arsenal because of its 99% sRGB color coverage. 

New Fast IPS technology offers to keep images clear at every angle, and you can expect 4x better response time. Furthermore, it’s time for victory to stay one step ahead of the competition because Alienware monitors have a fast refresh rate of 360Hz and 1m response time. With a fast refresh rate you can count on a scope headset before the enemy knows you are there. 

Therefore, you handle every frame before it finally displays in front of you due to its Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate adaptive sync technology. For professional gamers, the new design stand is easily lages and height you can adjust in your viewing angle. And your keyboard is adjusting with the Monitor to the perfect height and supports 100mmx 100mmVESA Mounting.  


Suppose we compare the Alienware 360 Gaming Monitor AW2521H; that is better than the Alienware AW2521H. Because of its great refresh rate, HDR Feature, significantly better gradient handling, and low input lag compared to Alienware AW2521H. And also fast 8.3 % in Gaming, 7.7 % good for content creations.


  • Great connectivity option 
  • Solid For Gaming Experience
  • New Fast IPS Display
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Support NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
  • 99% sRGB color coverage


  • Bit Expensive

3- ViewSonic ELITE IPS Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic ELITE IPS Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic is for those who want the most out of its RTX 4080, and it offers amazing features that help your Gaming reach the next level. It has an impressive display size, refresh rate, less response time, and an advanced ergonomic design for comfortable viewing points. 

So let us start with the great 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time; this captures every frame in stunning detail, and you never miss a second of the action. Furthermore, with response time in your Gaming, you do not get any sliding and motion blur even in the high-speed actions scenes.

Thanks to its gorgeous design with 3-sided borderless, which maximizes your viewing space. And also offers you to put together 2 or more borderless monitors to create a virtually seamless. Plus, the 27-Inches IPS display with the 2560 x 1440 resolution, the IPS panel is also good for fast response time and amazing for true life color accuracy.  

The 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and 10bit color depth make images deeper and more vivid; you can enjoy them when you play games, in movies, and in streaming. In addition, you can take your gaming experience to a higher level because it comes with the NVIDIA G-Sync technology, which reduces the blurriness of the screen in fast actions. 

Furthermore, the Elite economical design helps gameplay in your living comfort level; you can adjust this Monitor to your eye comfort level. It is easily tilted, swivel frameless, and also supports the HDR 400 technology because you can feel it in the real world of games.


The ViewSonic ELITE XG271QG to compare ViewSonic XG270 then ELITE XG271QG overall performance of 88% that is 30 % higher compared to ViewSonic XG270. In addition, ELITE XG271QG is much better in features like better SDR color gamut, quicker response time and maximum refresh rate. 


  • Support VESA display HDR 400 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Brilliant connectivity
  • WQHD Resolution
  • Low motion blur and input lag


  • Bit expensive

4SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series Gaming Monitor

Do you want the fantastic unique curved Monitor for Gaming and streaming and want the most out of your RTX 4080 Graphics card? So you are in the right place; we are about the brilliant Monitor, which has more than one feature for Gaming and streaming. The Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 27-inch monitor is an outstanding experience. 

If you want an edge in competitive titles such as Apex Legends and Call of duty, you want buttery smooth graphics. The G7 Series Monitor offers a high 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. In addition, its 27 inches WQHD 2560 x 1440 fantastic display will make your gaming world more authentic than ever. 

Its resolution also provides pin-sharp images; you can watch everything clearly when you play a game. Along with this device, you can get a more comfortable viewing experience, because of its 1000 curvature feature. That matches the human eyes and helps to enhance immersion and less eye pressure and strain. 

This Odyssey monitor is brilliant for defeating the enemy due to its impressive HDR 600 feature that helps to reveal the smallest hidden details. Furthermore, Odyssey is outstanding for video editing work because it supports cutting-edge QLED technology, which helps to show pixel-perfect frame quality with every frame. 

Therefore, it gets in Gaming more beautiful colors; you feel the real-world of the gaming play because of its quantum dot technology. It generates 125% more color space and vivid colors so you can also watch everything in a clear bright view. Because of G-Sync and FreeSync technologies, they are most likely to reduce screen tearing and stuttering.


The SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 27-inch is the updated version; its performance is outstanding compared to the Odyssey G7 S28AG70. The Samsung Odyssey LC27G75TQSNXZA has a better wide viewing angle, VA Panel, and Excellent contrast ratio. It’s also for better reflection handling and has a quicker response time. The new upgraded Samsung is ideal for your RTX 4080 card but just expensive compared to Odyssey G7 S28AG70. 


  • Wide color gamut
  • Excellent for Gaming 
  • Solid performance RTX 4080
  • Included HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB cables
  • Fast refresh rate and response time
  • 1000R Curvature


  • Not Integrated Speakers
  • Not USB-C Type

5- MSI Full UHD 4K Anti-Glare 1ms Monitor

MSI Full UHD 4K Anti-Glare 1ms Monitor

The RTX 4080 is a powerful new upgraded card for high-end gaming productivity, rendering, etc. For this, a Great monitor is important that helps you get the most out of your card and play games on this card and Monitor that helps you enjoy. Although the MSI brand is the most brilliant option, MSI is one of the most famous brands for Gaming, content creation, business productivity, and many other things. 

Furthermore, MSI Optix MPG321UR QD supports the 31.5 Inches Full UHD 4K, which is amazing for high-end Gaming. You can see clear and beautiful images on the screen; enjoy the extreme fluid gaming and astonishing details because of its resolution. Thanks to its IPS panel, it also greatly offers a 1ms fast response time and optimizes screen colors and brightness. 

Fast games like first-person shooters, fighters, real-time strategy, and sports games require fast, accurate movement; this Monitor is fantastic Because it is equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Plus, to get rid of the tear-free screen, because of NVIDIA G-Sync that prevents screen tearing or stuttering, you can play smooth lag-free gameplay. 

Connectivity features are also amazing: USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort help you connect your device to multiple other devices. Such as, you can control and transfer files from different devices due to KVM 2.0 brilliant feature with one set of MSI gaming monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. 


MSI Optix MPG321UR Compare to AOC 12769VM then, the MSI Optix is better; have 4ms less response time, supports color calibration, 18.52% bigger screen size, 4x higher resolution, gets 150 nits brighter, and also has a swivel stand. This gaming monitor is also compatible with RTX 4090 Monitor.


  • Amazing bright and sharp picture
  • Excellent HDR 
  • Impressive KVM feature
  • Outstand for high-end games


  • Native contrast is just average

6- LG 34 Inch UltraGear Curved Gaming Monitor

LG 34 Inch 219 UltraGear Curved Gaming Monitor

The LG 34GP83A-B is a great gaming monitor, comes with excellent features, a large display with IPS technology, is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync, etc. With the RTX 4080 card and LG 34GP83A-B monitor, you can get the best experience and level up your gaming performance. In addition, it offers the latest technologies, specs, ergonomics, adjustable stand, sleek design, and connectivity options. 

You can Improve the gaming experience greatly with an impressive Crosshair feature. That will enhance the vision level of precision for increased accuracy in the first shooter games. Also, thanks to its 34-inches ultrawide QHD 3440 X 1440 nano IPS display that is good for rapid response time and high image quality. 

Therefore, its DCI-P3 98% color gamut gets an outstanding experience with gorgeous, bright, vibrant colors. To improve your games and other things, you also have a VESA DisplayHDR 400 in LG 34GP83A-B. Because a peak brightness of 400 nits can improve contrast ratio and you watch on screen more detail. 

Furthermore, 1ms lower response time reduces image blurring or ghosting, which helps in getting better picture quality. Finally, you know the high refresh rate is very important for Gaming; this Monitor has a 160 Hz refresh rate is amazing for smooth images. Such as, the 3 sided virtually borderless design is fantastic for more viewing space. An adjustable stand helps the comfortable feel you play the game because you can easily adjust your screen to a sweet spot. 


If we compare LG 34GP83A-B to LG 34GN850-B, both monitors have the same features and overall performance, but the price is different for booth monitors. Therefore, if you want to save some dollars, buy the LG 34GP83A-B, which is cheaper than LG 34GN850-B.


  • High refresh rate
  • Curved Display
  • Brilliant color Accuracy
  • Impressive connectivity options
  • Support G-Sync Technology


  • Not Fully adjustable
  • Less HDR peak brightness
  • Low viewing angles

RTX 4080 Monitor Requirements

We tell you about the basic and recommended feature that helps to select the Monitored for your demands. The Screen size is as per your choice you like how much inches for your experience and enjoy. 

Features Maximum Minimum

  • Screen Size 27-inches 34-Inches
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080p 4K supported
  • Refresh Rate 144 Hz 360Hz
  • G-Sync Compatibility for smooth games for smooth gameplay
  • Response Time 1ms 1ms
  • Type of Panel VA Panel VA Panel

Best Monitor for RTX 4080 Buying Guide

For 4080, buying a monitor is not easy because in the market available, a variety of displays with their specifications. And not all good for your RTX 4080, it’s critical to best compatible monitors for this card. Above mentioned products are the best and compatible with RTX 4080 due to their impressive features. 

Suppose you want outstanding performance in these overall products; we recommend the SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 27-Inch. And if you want to market other monitors for this, we tell you some key factors that help buy the best Monitor. 

Display Size

First of the screen is your look, monitors come on the market in different sizes, but 27 to 34 inches monitors are perfect for your demand. For example, the LG 34GP83A-B offers a 34 Inch display with IPS technology. The IPS technology you noted most because it’s good for rapid response time and high image quality. 

Therefore, You must check the curved feature if you want the comfort to play without any eye strain problems because That matches the human eyes and helps to enhance immersion and less eye pressure and strain. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series comes with this feature. 

Refresh Rate

For a smoother and clear fast image refresh rate, an important feature, Rtx 4080 is a powerful flagship new graphics card; you can get an outstanding experience and performance if your Monitor is compatible. In addition, MSI Full UHD 4K Anti-Glare supports the 144 HZ refresh rate, which is good for playing smoother games. 

Response Time 

Response Time matters for better quality images; low response time is crucial for blurring and ghosting-free graphics performance. In this post, all your products come with a 1ms response time with these monitors’ response time helps you to less blurring and hosting picture quality. 

Free-Sync And G-Sync Technologies

Another thing you look for is an impressive performance, the sync technologies for tear-free graphics. G-Sync and Free-Sync technologies match your graphics frame rates and help you get tear free, lag-free, and stutter visuals. 

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design features look important if you want the play with the comfort level. Due to this feature, you can adjust the monitor tilt and swivel from a comfort point of view. And also, check the eye protection technologies for your eye sides and headache. 

Connectivity Ports  

The last but most important feature is connectivity ports that allow you to connect your Monitor to other devices. In this post, all the products come with USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort, enough for connection with the graphics cards and other devices for better video output. 


What Is Monitor Recommended For GeForce RTX 4080?

ViewSonic ELITE 27 Inch IPS Gaming Monitor XG271QG is Recommended for the GeForce RTX 4080. 

Is 4K Gaming Realistic?

Yes, the 4k gaming monitor is a realistic option for modern games. 

Are Curved Monitors Worth It?

Curved Monitor is worth it because it offers a more comfortable viewing experience and less eye strain. But professional gamers do not use curved monitors, but it’s also good for casual gamers in single-player mode.

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