Best CPU for RTX 3060 Ti (Intel, AMD Ryzen, Gaming)

Imagine your rig running smoothly because you had the capable processor and the right GPU in pair. To make your dream come true, the best CPU for RTX 3060 Ti is here to assist you through the process. These products are not only designed to overclock and have more action on the table but they are also smart enough to accommodate you accordingly.

With the 125W of power and from 400 to 600 series chipset support, allow the architecture to enhance your per watt performance. Starting with the core count, the most you can get out from this list is 16 cores and 32 Threads of AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. If you were planning to go full rogue with rendering, modeling and gaming, this processor will help you in every way when it comes to multi-tasking.

Other than that, the P and E cores in Intel core i5 12600K can also be chosen for specific workloads of single and multi threaded working capacity. From the AM4 socket to the LGA 1700, the right one will fit right into the boards that support X570 and B550 chipsets. After the connection is made stable, you can begin to conquer different worlds.

Furthermore, DDR5 and DDR4 memory makes the working condition of your system smooth. Once the things are running at their best, an unlocked version is ready to overclock. This means you can get more out of these systems as the boost speed can reach as high as 4.9GHz.

You do not want to crash down due to the excessive pushing, therefore, cooling is important. Look out for the CPUs that come with the cooler bundled or notice the recommended cooling type with them. For more core count, liquid cooling is suggested as it can handle better threshold of workloads.

Here is the list lab tested Best CPU for RTX 3060 Ti

  1. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core, 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor
  2. Intel Core i5-10600K Desktop Processor
  3. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core, 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor
  4. Intel® Core™ i5-11600K Desktop Processor
  5. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-core, 32-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor
  6. Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor 10 Cores
  7. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

1- AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Unlocked Desktop Processor

The processor that is required to do the job for your GPU should be capable enough like the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. With the CPU socket of AM4, you can get most out of this system that will be used for streaming and recording your games. It should be powerful enough to give you the potential from the core counts of your graphics card.

When the rendering performance is at stake, the need for better productivity arises. This is why such a processor comes with 12 cores and 24 threads to manage the workstation tasks. In a competitive arena like the gaming community, CPUs like this are usually not built for other tasks than gaming but this is a versatile system.

A 100+ plus FPS performance is made for the most popular games so you will not feel left out in this speedy era. With the 70 MB of L3 cache, this memory is more than enough to handle the heavy tasks at hand. It works on a maximum boost clock speed of 4.8GHz which unlocks the overclocking capability.

Having the support of PCIe 4.0 on the X570 and B550 motherboard working under the mechanism of high-end GPUs. Especially for rendering and gaming connectivity, more bandwidth is provided to allow the ideal connection work in a flow.

2- Intel Core i5-10600K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-10600K Desktop Processor

From 6 cores and 12 threads of core count, Intel manages to give you the ability to compete in the online world. You can boost up to 4.9 GHz has the leverage where IPC is important for running most of the advanced gaming applications. Running on the power that is needed for an immersive experience, enjoy 1080p and 1440p resolution.

This Core i5-11600K is known as the desktop processor and it is compatible with 400 series chipset. Such motherboards that support these chipsets whereas the Intel Optane memory support will allow choosing profiles that fit for your system. The rtx CPU like this one has an addition of LGA 1200 socket that is present in most of the upcoming rigs.

After the safe attachment of the socket, power this processor to get most performance out of it. With up to 12Mb of secondary cache has the memory to store any important information that requires your attention. A base clock of 4.1 GHz shows that it can be overclocked to bring more potential out from this CPU.

Only 125W of power should be supplied in order for the processor to run smoothly without any fear. This baby only weighs 3.53 ounces and can manage to give you the performance you are expecting.

3- AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD has been increasing in efficiency and upgrading its technology to help with the advanced tasks like gaming, modeling, rendering, editing etc. Especially in the gaming segment, this community does not settle for less. The following features are some of the reasons why Ryzen 5 3600 becomes the best cpu for gaming.

One of the features contains ultra fast 100+ FPS performance in the world’s most advanced games. So the users who are fond of realistic games like far cry, godzilla, Fortnite etc can rely on this one without an issue. With 6 cores and 12 threads, the very base of the CPU is to handle the everyday tasks without lagging.

Multitasking will no longer be a dread to users who are accustomed to fast-moving PCs. If you want more potential out of your ordinary PC, overclocking is the key and thankfully, this CPU supports it. With 4.2 GHz of maximum boost, it is unlocked to bring overclocking at the same pace your needs are.

A 35Mb of game cache is reserved for gaming with the DDR4 support to save and serve the same speed of accessing data as this RAM contains. Up to 3200MHz of speed is the base running power of the RAM that even works under 95 degree centigrade of temperature.

When things blow hard, the system needs to be cooled down because it can crash or slow the performance. Thanks to AMD’s Wraith stealth cooler that comes with this processor to keep running operations under optimal temperature. Moreover, an advanced socket of AM4 allows you to connect it with PCIe 4.0 on an X570 chipset motherboard.

4- Intel Core i5-11600K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-11600K Desktop Processor

Considering the GPU requirements rtx 3060 minimum cpu should have 6 cores and 12 threads for a strong base. Similar is the case with Intel core i5-11600K that can be compared with another version. The only difference is slight change in the boost clocks and price point.

Coming with an LGA 1200 socket, connect your processor with the right system that has Windows 10 as the working platform. It is compatible with Intel’s 500 series and 500 series chipset motherboards. A base speed of 3.9 GHz brings out the potential of 4.9 GHz as a bit farther than the 4.8 GHz boost clock version.

For gaming connectivity a faster and more stable connection is required that does not ghost you when you need it the most. Therefore, PCIe 4.0 support holds great importance because it gathers better bandwidth for your tasks and games specifically. Although this CPU does not come with a thermal solution, you have to buy that yourself separately.

Only 0.15 ounces of weight makes setting up and moving this processor as easy as a piece of cake. On top of this, the only power it catches is the 125W of energy that is needed to run about your business.

5- AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Unlocked Desktop Processor

Having the power and right spec sheet is necessary when you are shopping for individual components of your rig. AMD’s progressive and strongest competitor lands into the market with 16 cores 32 threads of core count. This is known as the Ryzen 9 5950X that is the unlocked version to give you the performance you are in dire need.

For the elite performance in the most advanced and popular games, 100+ FPS features will come in handy. There is no cooler involved in this package so cooling will be an issue unless and until you get a liquid cooler. This suggestion is recommended because the core count of the CPU is already high which means it can handle more rage.

A maximum boost of 4.9GHz will take away the multi tasking capability and speed issues when you are stuck with the online world. Even for overclocking, you need to push your system above its potential. With a 72Mb of cache, this DDR-3200 memory support has the power and leverage to turn the tables over.

In addition to this, the PCIe 4.0 connectivity will work great with the X570 and B550 motherboards. On the operating system of Windows 10 64 bit and Ubuntu x 86 can become your way to success with the latest upgrades and smooth succession of missions.

6- Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor 10 Cores

Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor 10 Cores

With LGA 1700 socket support, you can use this processor with the 600 series chipset that will accommodate you fully. For all the work and play needs from casual and formal players, Intel core i5 Deca core CPU. The name suggests that it comes with 10 cores and 20 threads to multitask at a time.

Working with the cores and smart technology has you focus on the 6P and 4E cores as they are built for the ultimate performance. The former is made for light threaded workloads like light gaming and everyday productivity. On the other hand, the latter is optimized for multi threaded tasks.

This CPU is unlocked for overclocking capabilities with maximum clock speed of 4.9 GHz. When the potential of your processor depends on the speed and efficiency, the features it comes with hold great importance. Such groundbreaking architecture, your gameplay will be pushed to new heights.

Having the support of PCIe gen 5 and DDR5 memory will make the components rely on the memory and graphics. On top of this, the thunderbolt 4 port and killer WiFi 6 or 6E brings the fastest transfer rate as well as connections to the peripherals. Its base speed ranges from 3200MHz to 4800MHz to battle with one of the fastest of the era.

7- AMD Ryzen 7 5700G Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G Unlocked Desktop Processor

If you are a fan of 1080p super HD quality, AMD Ryzen 7 5700G will have your back no matter what action you take from it. Pairing this with the world’s fastest graphics card makes it the best cpu for rtx 3060 12gb especially. The AM4 socket support allows the CPU to be connected with the upcoming advanced Radeon Rx 6750 XT motherboards and rigs.

Having 8 cores and 16 threads will process your tasks without any hassle as the double pathways to score the highest. An addition of the right cooler like the AMD Wraith Stealth cooler to let the system run at optimal state. You do not want the rig to become unstable when it exceeds the promised limit.

So to avoid any mishap like a crash down, the cooler plays an important part in the package. Up to 4.6 GHz of maximum boost is a reason why you can rely on this processor for overclocking abilities. An unlocked version like this one contains 20Mb of cache for uninterrupted memory.

Speaking of memory, a DDR4 one can run on 3200MHz support is the reason to accommodate your speed and accessing data needs. The advanced AM4 socket is the platform that will be able to let you operate at -95 degrees centigrade.

Best CPU for RTX 3060 Ti Buying Guide

Besides the improved architecture that will increase the performance per watt, there are other features that should be put under microscope. Wanting to match the right type of CPU with a GPU like the RTX 3060 Ti should be powerful enough to manage the tasks that come with it.


Getting the right socket is one of the first steps of choosing the correct one for your system. If you choose the Intel Processor, you need to look at the LGA 1200 and 1700 sockets such as seen in Intel core i5 12600K. Selecting the AMD processor takes the attention towards the AM4 socket as seen in AMD Ryzen 9 5950X.


Consisting of the fastest memory as DDR4 and DDR5 enables the smooth and quick access of the workload. The example of this can be seen in core i5 12600K for the latter as it is the latest of all memory types.


When a capable graphics card is at your end, it is most likely to become heated when you take loads of work from it. Thanks to the processor like AMD Ryzen 5 3600 to keep the system running at optimal temperature. Most of the products mentioned above can operate at -95 degrees centigrade as well.


This is the way your system will divide the commands and let your rig become faster rather than becoming slower and lagging. Another example of this feature can be seen in Intel core i5 12600K CPU that also comes with 6P + 4E. The latter are programmed for working with single threaded and multi threaded tasks to enhance the overall and per watt performance.

Graphics support:

You need to focus on the 100+ FPS performance like AMD Ryzen 9 5950x that increases the graphics support on your end. Suppose if you are a gamer, the right resolution will matter like AMD Ryzen 7 5700G allows 1080p gaming to be seamless. Other than that, Built in Intel UHD graphics controller that will enhance the visual quality can be seen in Intel Core i5 12600K.


For the maximum output from your system, the overclocking ability is an important factor to keep in mind. This feature makes your CPU come in an unlocked version so that the boost clock speed can be increased as seen in Intel core i5 12600K up to 4.9GHz.

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