Best CPU for Fusion 360 (AMD, Intel, Cheapest)

If you are a user of CAD softwares like Inventor, SolidWorks especially Fusion 360. Then you must know how important the best CPU for fusion 360 is? To do your work in the right way is not possible until you have a capable computer system. Users do not consider it a simple drive, however do not get disappointed.

People use it for professional designing and manufacturing of the products. Anything you can engineer, design, and create with the help of this tool. Because it is the only software that connects the process of whole product development into a single cloud-based platform. 

In this article The Intel Core i9-9920X X-Series Processor  is a better option on your plate because it is a competitive CPU in the tech market. Comes with 12 cores, doubles processing threads and has a fast clock speed up to 4.4 GHz. That is not only sufficient for Fusion 360, but also good to go for gaming or other tasks. 

Furthermore, while dealing with heavy applications it can get over heat is why go for a CPU which is bundled with a cooler. In this category AMD Ryzen 9 3900 X falls and offers performance of your choice. We advise using an AMD processor if your budget is limited.

These processors are designed to operate at the lowest possible power levels of 65W and at the highest possible levels of 125W. Pay your bills as little as possible and buy the PSU that is most suitable for you overall. You may effortlessly transcode to the content you wish to see in front of you at clock speeds ranging from 3.4GHz to 4.3GHz. 

Get a processor that will work with AMD’s AM4 socket or LGA 1200 and 1700 sockets to make your system future-proof. Keep your spirits high for light AAA gaming to win most of the modern titles of an avid gamer or graphic work with Intel UHD graphics and 100+ FPS performance. You can also benefit yourself from the P-core and E-core that further make your tasks efficient and blistering fast.

Here is the list lab tested Best CPU for fusion 360

  1. Intel Core i7-12700K
  2. AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
  3. Intel Core i5-12600K
  4. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G
  5. Intel Core i9-9920X
  6. Intel Core i7-11700K

Fusion 360 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 10.15.7, or newer, Catalina 
  • CPU: Intel core-i or AMD Ryzen series
  • Min cores: 4 cores
  • Min Clock Speed: 1.7 GHz or more
  • Min Memory: 4 GB required, (16 GB recommended)
  • GPU: Min 1 GB VRAM, (8 GB recommended)
  • Storage: Min 3 GB free space required
  • Min Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels, (1920 x 1080 or greater recommended)
  • Internet: For downloads 2.5 Mbps or faster and for uploadings 500 Kbps or faster
  • For complex modeling and processing Recommended Specification 
  • CPU: 3 GHz or greater
  • Cores: 6 or more cores
  • GPU: 4 GB or greater
  • RAM: 8 GB or more

1- Intel Core i7-12700K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i7-12700K Desktop Processor

You are looking for a programming CPU that is a powerful and efficient desktop processor that handles all of your difficult tasks like Auto Cade and Fusion 360.  This is an Intel Core i7-12700K desktop CPU that is intended for this. Intel is well-versed in the requirements of its clients. That is why they created products that were fully satisfactory to you.

This is yet another member of Intel’s 12th Generation Core desktop CPU family, with specifications that make you wonder how Intel knows what you need. Comes with Intel single P-core Max/Base Speed 5.0/3.6 GHz and Single E-core Max/Base Speed 3.8/2.7 GHz can dynamically increase clock speed to handle demanding tasks.

Plus, this CPU delivers outstanding performance in a variety of applications, including enthusiast gaming, creative, and productivity. The Intel Core i7 processors feature more cache memory, and the hyper-threading architecture ensures that even the most demanding jobs are done swiftly. With the speedier turbo boost and better onboard graphics, you’re ready to take your games  to the next level and perfect for fusion 360.

Such as, LGA-1700 CPU Socket is a suitable CPU Socket that aids in PCB installation. comes with a 25 MB L3 cache that stores routine data and processes it quickly for a smooth and speedy performance. It is designed with a 7nm process that allows for improved performance per watt and a microarchitecture that is power efficient.


The i7 has the supercomputing power to perform faster when compared to the i5-12600k. Core i5’s capabilities for multi-threading makes it easy to multitask and play high-end games. It is a pricey CPU with a lightning-fast performance that is reliable for gamers and users of high-end software. The I7-12700k features a 21.51% larger multi-core count and an 18.56% quicker CPU speed, which both aid to speed up processing of any size task.


  • Integrated graphics exhibit progress over older UHD Graphics solution
  • Overclockable and PCI-Express 5.0 support Much better deal than the Core i9-12900K. 
  • It works smoothly and cool under load, thanks to the 10 nm manufacturing process.


  • There is no cooler included in the package.
  • Requires A Z690 motherboard 

2- AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-core, 24-Threads Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-core, 24-Threads Unlocked Desktop Processor

The CPU is a crucial part of Fusion 360 since it will work with you and handle multitasking well. The AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT is a fantastic option for Fusion 360 because it features the fastest 12-core mainstream desktop processor in the world with 24 processing threads.

Are you a dedicated gamer looking to purchase a GeForce GTX 1630 GPU with a cheap CPU? Therefore, there is no need to travel anywhere to acquire a CPU because the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Desktop processor will be excellent. Your system’s upgrade to Ultra Fast 100+FPS provides excellent performance in the most well-known video games in the world.

Because of the Ryzen 9 3900X’s increased 70MB cache capacity, it will offer much greater gaming performance than earlier CPUs in the family by up to 21%. This is one of the CPUs that has excelled in severe gaming versus the Intel i9-9900K.

You can quickly finish production workloads with this CPU using apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Maya, and many more. because it has 12 Cores, 24 Threads, AMD Wreath Prism cooling, and color-controlled LED support. The user also receives 4.6 GHz of unlocked maximum Boost speed for overclocking as a result. 

It supports almost all current games, including Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, and Cyberpunk 2077. A powerful and highly recommended CPU for Fusion 360. For customers who want the most intensive gaming and creative experiences, this CPU is suitable for the Fusion 630 Super. Additionally, it works with Windows 10 64-Bit Edition.


The R9 3900 x’s CPU speed is 22.58% faster than that of the R9 3900. As a result, its prior version only had a 4.3 turbo clock speed and a 4.6 turbo clock speed that was 3900x faster. It can quickly complete any demanding workload and generate an exclusively high frame rate for games.


  • Unlocked for overclocking
  • Powerful gaming cache


  • Expensive

3- Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor

Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor

Do you require a strong CPU to manage all of your demanding applications? You should definitely check out the Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor! This incredible processor has 10 cores and can run at speeds of up to 3.70GHz!

Its Socket LGA-1700 allows you to place it on the PCB without soldering it onto the base too tightly. Having 16MB of L3 cache allows for quick retrieval of the most frequently used data, enhancing system speed. You can accomplish anything you want if you put this CPU from this brand in your computer. 

The Intel Core i5-12600K offers hyper-threading for demanding applications. Additionally, Intel 7 Architecture enables it per watt to enhance system performance. On the other hand, micro architecture is what makes your CPU more power-efficient.

The built-in Intel UHD Graphics controller provides great graphics and visual quality. Not to worry about the memory performance if you want it to work well for fusion 360 because the Intel Smart Cache consists of 20MB capacity. A strong CPU that can handle all of your demanding applications is what you need.

The Intel Core i5-12600K Desktop Processor is the only option. This Deca-core (10 Core) 4.9 GHz processor offers hyper-threading for faster performance. A 125W base power makes it a highly efficient option for your desktop computer needs.


We compared the i5-12600k with Ryzen 7 5700X, which was 22.79% faster in cpu speed and higher 0.3GHz turbo clock speed and built in Intel UHD Graphics. Therefore, that is perfect for fusion 360. Overall the chip is 38% faster than the 5600X in threaded work, and 7% faster than the Ryzen 7 5800X.


  • Stupidly good multi-core performance 
  • Really good single-core performance 
  • 10 nanometer production process


  • DDR5 option drives up pricing
  • Still power hungry than ryzen
  • No CPU cooler included

4- AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

AMD’s Ryzen 7 5700G provides amazing 1080p and great 1280×720 gaming to iGPUs if you’re willing to accept inferior quality and a limited selection of games. All Ryzen 5000 series processors include Precision Boost 2 and Precision Boost Overdrive, two Ryzen innovations designed to increase the processing capability of your PC.


For any sluggish issue that can be resolved with the upgrading of your processor should proceed without any worries. To take all your unstable performance worries away, this brand will have your back no matter what. This powerhouse can handle even the most intense tasks with these numbers of cores and threads. 

Your system will continue to function properly even when under a lot of stress. Thanks to the AMD Wraith Stealth cooler and this effective CPU with 8 cores and 16 processing threads. After being cleared, the CPU can also be overclocked. 

The best characteristic of this device is that it is compatible with the modern Socket AM4 platform. It offers greater functionality and flexibility as a result than prior sockets. So if you’re looking for a cheap processor that delivers elite gaming performance, go no further than this monster.

DDR4 memory can run at up to 3200 MHz and has a boost speed of 4.2 GHz. Because the multiplier is unlocked, overclocking your system is simple and can improve performance. Its 20Mb is a significant game cache that will let you perform well under pressure.


We can see that the Ryzen 7 5700G performs admirably on a Fusion 360, despite being about 10% slower than the 5800X and 11900K. However, it was roughly 9% quicker than the 10700K, and its core count and clock speed are quite similar to those of the 5800X. Therefore, 5700G 75% faster in single core and in Multi core 21 % faster than  its previous version 


  • Faster Zen 3 CPU cores
  • Superior power consumption and efficiency
  • Expensive overclocking headroom
  • Bundle cooler
  • Compatible with some AM4 motherboard


  • 5600G model has better Price-to-performance
  • PCIe 3.0 connectivity

5- Intel Core i9-9920X X-Series Processor

Intel Core i9-9920X X-Series Processor

With the Intel Core i9-9920X X-series processor, which offers higher speeds, more cache, and more cores, bring your vision to life. This Intel product range is designed to provide designers more performance and freedom. Get better performance when using several creative tools at once, multi-threaded programmes, and computationally demanding jobs.

That all possible with Intel Core i9 X-series processor and brilliant for fusion 360.  This processor is ideal for any activity because it has 12 cores and a maximum speed of 4.5 MHz. With 24 threads, it is ideal for multitasking and gaming. Provides professional-level performance for gaming, producing, and overclocking and has Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

The best part is that you can be sure you’re receiving the highest performance possible. Because it is only compatible with motherboards built on Intel x299 Series Chipsets, never again will you have to wait for your program to load. It features a 19.25MB cache and DDR4 memory compatibility. 

Get the Intel Core i9-9920X X-series processor, right away! Do not wait any longer! Solder Thermal Interface Material is also incorporated into the Intel Core X-series processor. Overclockers will be able to push their systems even farther thanks to the increased efficiency of heat transfer from the processor to the cooler.


If we compare the i9-9920X to the core i9-10900X then 9920X 13.51 faster CPU Speed and provide excellent performance. You can easily use Fusion 360 and get high performance with this processor. 


  • Game play effectiveness 
  • Performance for workloads that are single-and multi-threads


  • Energy use when under a heavy load.

6- Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores

Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores

Introducing the new Intel i7 CPU, a desktop processor ideal for consumers on a tight budget. This capable processor offers up to 5.0 GHz speeds, 16 MB of Smart Cache, and outstanding energy efficiency. You may also be confident that your computer will operate more quickly and smoothly than ever before because of its compatibility with Intel Optane Memory. Order your Intel Core i7-11700K right away! Do not delay! This CPU is without a doubt the ideal match for the fusion 630.

The most recent member of Intel’s processor family is the Core i7-11700K processor. This CPU is made for high-end customers and gamers who demand the best performance possible. It has a clock speed of 5.0 GHz, ensuring that it covers all of your processing needs. Additionally, it can handle even the most demanding operations because of its 125 W TDP.

Its 8 cores and 16 processing threads provide plenty of power for multitasking. This processor comes in a box, however there is no thermal compound inside the box or on the processor itself, thus if additional cooling is required, it can’t be installed. Considering that it only supports motherboards with 400 series chipsets and requires LGA 1200, be careful to match your components appropriately!


The i7 11700k comes with 31.03% faster CPU speed than its previous version i7 10700. Therefore, a 12.32% higher multi-core processor than its previous version. One of the greatest CPUs for gaming is the Core i7 11700K, which has just emerged as a fantastic deal.


  • Technology 3.0 Turbo Boost
  • Built-in graphics
  • Boosted and high clock frequencies
  • High headroom for overclocking
  • A reasonable need for cooling


  • No cooler PCIe 3.0 interface included
  • with older motherboards incompatible

Best CPU for fusion 360 Buying Guide

Are looking for the best CPU for fusion 360 2022 you have to be vigilant while purchasing one. Because it can be a little challenging as fusion 360 is a heavy tool for 3D modeling. So you need to determine your requirements and then find out your best purchase. The above-mentioned products are best for Fusion 360 if you want to see more products. When buying a CPU for Fusion 360, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Cores and Threads

You know that processing cores are fundamental and perform like an automobile’s engine; they provide the paths that let you manage several jobs at once. As performance and speed are significantly associated, you should aim for as many cores and threads as you can. Typically, 8 to 12 cores and threads are plenty for fusion 360 and gaming. Including this article, AMD Ryzen 9 3900 X 12-core, 24-thread unlocked desktop processor, that is great for gaming, programming,  3d modeling, Fusion 360 and for more complex tasks.

Cache Memory

The use of cache memory between the CPU and RAM provides some safety. It takes orders or operational data from RAM and saves it. The CPU is not required to access memory-stored data in this scenario. The performance of the CPU is improved by shortening the time required to access data.

A 16MB to 20MB or greater L3 cache is enough for Fusion 360. However, some of the devices mentioned in the article include 16MB and L3 cache, such as the Intel Core i9-9920X X-Series  Desktop Processor has 19MB L3 Cache. 

Overclocking and Base Clock

The base clock, which is expressed in MHz and GHz, indicates how many cycles a CPU can complete in a second. In essence, clock speed refers to the speed of the CPU core. For the optimum results, you can also raise your base speed. For Fusion 630, you can select a processor with a core base speed ranging from 3 to 4.25 MHz. This article contains products that have up to core boost speeds between 4.0 and 5.1 GHz.


The CPU cooler is the final but not least consideration; it is essential for the ideal Fusion 360 setup. Because your computer system may become overheated when running this software, a CPU cooler can prolong the life and improve the performance of your processor. We advise you to not skimp on the thermal solution because of this.

If your budget is tight, you must make sure the CPU you select has cooling. This area is essential since it will rapidly cool down your system whenever there is a sudden increase in heat. Whether you’re using the CPU for light tasks or intensive ones, it might get hot and reduce performance. However, if your CPU is not integrated with the cooler then invest in a compatible cooler for the temperature management. 


Below are a few frequently asked questions for the best processor for fusion 360. Check them out!

Which is more CPU or GPU intensive for Fusion 360?

When rendering locally, Fusion 360 employs only the CPU and not the GPU (graphics card), making full use of all available core power.

Is Fusion 360 more dependent on the CPU or the GPU?

Fusion 360 does not require GPUs to work. Instead, you employ your computer’s CPU. This type of CPU usage provides user flexibility across all platforms and reliably satisfies their needs.

Is a graphics card important for Fusion 360?

Graphics processing units are not as important to function the Fusion 360 software. 

How can you make Fusion 360 run faster?

You can optimize the performance of Fusion 360 by following 2 way:

1- Update the drivers 

2- Enable the option of “Limit all effects to provide optimum performance”

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