Apps Like Gopuff (Other and Similar Apps)

Nowadays life is so busy and people do not have much time for cooking. That is why they prefer to rely on delivery apps to make their life easier. There are many applications available for delivery services and one of them is Gopuff. With this app you can order all daily essentials and get them on your doorstep. 

This app is available in many areas and open for 24 hours which means you can get anything anywhere and anytime. But this is not the only app you have many options on your table. So if you want to know apps like Gopuff then stay with us, below are some alternatives. People love to explore new things that is why they want more delivery apps. So they can have many food choices. 

What Is Gopuff?

If you are craving ice cream or your phone charger is broken, do not get worried because Gopuff is there for your help. This is a web-based on-demand delivery service, especially for food items. You can place your order via their website and mobile phone application. They deliver thousands of products like drinks, food, grocery or household essentials. 

Their service is available for day and night and they claim that you will get your order within 30 minutes. You can order from liquor stores,your favorite restaurant, smoke shops, and much more.

Plus, they do not provide you items from local stores, because they have their own micro fulfillment centers. Where they have plenty of products including groceries, diapers, pharmacy items, alcohol, pet food, etc. also they work 24/7 so you can get your order even late at night. 

Where Is Gopuff Available?

It’s a real time to say goodbye to the convenience store and enjoy thousands of items at your fingertips. Currently, Gopuff is operating in more than 1000 cities in the US, France, and UK. But their service is only available within larger metropolitan locations. 

Before placing an order, you must check if it is available in your area or not. You can do it by checking it on their application or website. They are expanding their service to different locations and are constantly updating with more facilities. So if they are not working in your area, you can tweet them @gopuff to ask to come to your area. 

How It Works

Like other delivery services, Gopuff follows a few steps to deliver your required products at your place. 

  • First of all you must check it is available in your or not
  • Then visit their website or open their app on your smartphone
  • Search the item your needed
  • Place your order
  • A Gopuff team member will collect your order from their distribution center 
  • And starts drive towards your place
  • Within 30 minutes you will have your order

But some factors like time and minimum order limit vary from location to location. Also after placing an order you can check delivery time and fee and also can track your order. 

How Much Does Gopuff Cost?

You can download the application of Gopuff for free of cost, and available for both Android and iOS platforms. Their minimal delivery fee is 2.95 dollars but it also depends on your order. However, there may be extra chargers for some products like tobacco and alcohol. 

They have a simple cost structure like the other delivery companies. But keep in mind you can place an order for a minimum of 10.95 dollars. Plus, they offer Gopuff FAM membership, with that you need to pay only 5.95 dollars for an entire month. And you will have free unlimited deliveries for that month. 

We recommend that if you think you will use it at least 2 times in a month. Then you should avail this option because it will save you money. Also with this membership you will get on regulated products including tobacco or alcohol the additional waived fees and loyalty points.

How to Use Gopuff

Their app is compatible on both operating systems, Android and iOS. And through the app placing orders is the easiest way. To get started you just to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Download the app in your smartphone
  • Install it on to your mobile
  • Sign in or create a new account for sign up on the app of Gopuff
  • Add your address
  • Browse the categories to get your required item
  • To add them in your cart press the blue “Plus” button
  • For checking out click on “MY Bag”
  • To confirm your order press on Check out
  • Then add your payment method
  • Also you can add tip for driver
  • Complete your order by clicking on “Place Order”

List of the Similar Best Apps Like Gopuff

  1. Caviar
  2. Postmates
  3. Deliveroo
  4. Foodpanda
  5. HungryHouse
  6. Snapfinger
  7. DoorDash
  8. instaCArt
  9. Grubhub
  10. Shipt

Do you want to know if there are other apps like gopuff? Then scroll down, below are some of the best apps like Gopuff. If it is not available in your area then do not worry, you have many options on your plate. These applications work just like Gopuff or some may be better than it. Let’s dive into it!

1- Caviar

This is an app for food order booking and delivery from the local stores and restaurants. Caviar is a web based service and enables you to order food from your favorite hotel, stores or restaurants. They will deliver everything at your doorstep by using a GPS tracking system. So you can track the delivery man and get the info about how much time you will get your order. 

If you enter your phone number then they will send you a link of your required food items along with restaurant names. Against every item it will display its price and mini and max arrival time at your address. All you need, place your order and get everything at your place. 

2- Postmates

This is a Gopuff alternative and an on demand delivery service. They will take your favorite food from a restaurant in your location to give it to you at your doorstep. Postmates gives you duo services such as travel services and food deliveries as well. Currently they are serving over a hundred metropolitan areas.

By following a simple and easy process you can place your order easily from your favorite restaurant and store. After placing an order, a member of the fleet takes it and brings it to your place. They are available even in the late night, you can get solutions to late night cravings and can arrange last minute gifts for a friend. 

3- Deliveroo 

Here is Deliveroo, which is another app like gopuff. This is a web based food order and delivery service operating in a hundred most popular countries. Yes you can access it from the United States, United Kingdom, Asia, Middle East, UAE, and other developed countries. In the start it was a London based delivery service and founded in 2013. But after its fan following they expanded it from above mentioned countries. 

You can place orders very easily from their application or web site. They also provide you order taking and marketing services. With this app now you can enjoy your favorite food at your place. Deliveroo has a large number of restaurants. That is why they deliver it from the best local restaurant. 

4- Foodpanda

This is an international web based food delivery company and one of the best emerging markets. At the moment, they are operating globally, especially in Asian countries. You can place orders from their website or application easily and get everything at your fingertips. 

First of all you need to select your favorite local restaurant, find your required item and place the order. They are currently partnered with 40 thousand resturants virtually, due to this number it has come in leading food delivery services. Customers can order by entering their postcodes. Also you can explore the world and get your required items. 

5- HungryHouse

HungryHouse is one of the apps like gopuff and is also known as Just eat. This is a web based food order and takeaway service provider currently available in a few selected parts of the US. you must visit menus of restaurants and takeaway to order your favorite product. Now you can get everything at your doorstep from your local area restaurants. 

HungryHouse is a partner of more than 10 thousand leading restaurants and takeaways globally. As it is an online service that is why you can place orders through application and smartphone. You have to add your postcode to locate thereturant and your place. To pay on Hungry House you can use credit and debit card and also COD is available. 

6- Snapfinger

Snapfinger is an on demand food delivery company and gives you an online service to have everything online. They are operating worldwidely, you can visit your favorite restaurant and get your meal at your given address. You do not need to wait for longer because they get orders from the nearest place. 

When it comes to deciding what to eat for lunch or dinner, it is very difficult to decide. The trend of online delivery services is getting more and more popular day by day. You can place your order quickly and easily and get everything at your step. This app is taking advantage of technology and giving service to their parents. 

7- DoorDash

This is one of the finest on demand delivery services, and enables you to get your meal from local or national restaurants. They deliver everything at your door step such as; liquor, snacks, grovesies. Also they are partnered with nationwide partners like; Taco Bell, McDonald, sushi, KFC. with the GPS tracking system you can track your rider address.

They are working in the United States and have a large category of products. You can get everything such as; Thai cuisine, Italian cuisine, fast food, breakfast, Mexican, Asian, Chinese cuisine, vegetarian, dessert, pizza, Japanese cuisine, C, BBQ, and others. Also many eateries are choosing this platform for free shipping deals. 

8- instaCArt 

Do you want to know about an on demand delivery service for grocery items to shop? Then you can consider Instacart. But at that moment it is operating in a few selected countries of the US. After placing your order, the driver of Instacart quickly approaches the food store and provides you at your door conveniently and efficiently.  

They are available on both platforms Android and iOS. The customers have the ability to place orders from Instacart’s app or website. Also you can choose the delivery and get it at your selected time. Instacart is less expensive than games like doordash. However the delivery charges depend upon different orders. But normally you need to pay 3.99 dollars for an order over 35 dollars.

9- Grubhub 

Grubhub is one of the apps like Gopuff that can be accessible from both iOS and Android. Download it on your phone and get the complete list of all available eateries in your area. By the category Cuisine type and individual menu you can find your favorite meal. They are partnered with more than 300000 restaurants so you have many choices on your table. 

They have a variety of takway you just need to check and get anything at your place. The delivery charges and minimum order depend upon  the area. If you have to use it frequently then join Grubhub plus by paying 10 dollars per month to avail unlimited free deliveries for that month.

10- Shipt

Shipt is a web based and on demand delivery app  that is famous for same day delivery. Their headquarters are currently working in 45 states of the USA including Birmingham, Alabama. If you want to use it just download their app and sign up. To place your order just select your desired item and choose the time when you want it. 

Then after the acceptance at your door your order will be at your door in just minutes. With the help of Geolocation you can find the most nearest restaurants to your place. For placing an order, choose your required items, schedule delivery time and after acceptance you have everything at your door. To find the nearest shopper to your place the Shipt uses geolocation. 

The Bottom Line

No matter how old you are, whether you are a parent or student, it is far easier to get everything at your door instead of rushing to the stores. You can get everything from your favorite stores and restaurants at your place. 

This will save your time and also due to their 24/7 working you can get anything regardless of timing. We have covered you by providing similar apps to Gopuff, you can try any of one you will be satisfied for sure. We recommend you to go for a flexible and easy to use app. 


To make you more clear, below are some frequently asked questions.

Can You Give Tip Gopuff drivers?

Tip is not necessary but drivers of Gopuff appreciate it, normally, 10 to 20 percent of your total order. 

Does Gopuff accept cash?

Due to Covid pandemic, at the moment they are not accepting cash in many areas. 

Why is Gopuff So Fast?

Gopuff does not take items from local retail stores; they have their own store of over 4000 products. That is why Gopuff is so fast, they deliver directly from their store to your place. Instead of wasting time picking your order from the local market.  

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